Shop Shelving Melbourne

A Guide to Shop Shelving Melbourne

If you’re looking for superior-quality shop shelving in Melbourne, that’s safe, affordable and versatile, you’ve come to the right place. With several shelving options in Melbourne and its surrounding areas, you’ll be glad to know we not only have everything you’ll need in one location, but we also stock the safest retail shelving products in Australia. Whether you need gondola shelving for your aisles, long-span shelving for stock storage or any other style of shop rack, Erect-A-Rack has several products to suit all business needs. We have a vast range of retail shelving for sale at great prices, with multiple lengths, widths and depths available. Our heavy-duty beams and frames are made from the highest quality material and are guaranteed to last, ensuring staff and customers can interact with them safely.

Explore Our Smart Shelving Options

We offer several smart shelving options to maximise your available space, making products and stock more accessible and attractive. To allow for flexibility and design changes, our shelving configurations are highly adjustable and simple to move and reorganise. With multiple components available, you can arrange stock in several configurations using the same shelving unit. Our options include:

Shop display shelving

Versatile racks for shop displays are essential in any retail setting. Gondola shelving is the most popular option, as it’s freestanding, customisable and functional. Gondola shelving is suitable for displaying almost all retail goods and it can be single or double-sided, maximising floor space. Handy end-cap displays can be used for on-the-floor displays, leading to increased sales volume.

Stockroom shelving

We stock shelving that’s designed for cool rooms and refrigerated displays. Our cool room shelving options are resilient to cold temperatures, durable and maintenance-free. They’re unique and customisable, making them ideal for odd-shaped pallets and small cartons.

Refrigerator shelving

A stockroom requires heavy-duty, practical shelving, so long-span shelving is ideal for this use. This type of shelving comes in many different sizes and can be accessed from both sides, giving you the perfect vertical space-saving solution. Strong click-in beams with safety pins allow for quick and easy shelving modification so your storage needs can grow with you.

Your Shop Shelving Experts in Melbourne

Your Shop Shelving Experts in Melbourne For more information on any of our products, call us today at 1300 788 916 or use our contact form to request a quote. At Erect-A-Rack, we offer storage solutions that work for every business, in any climate.