Pallet Racking Relocation Melbourne & Sydney

Business needs always change – and if you find that you need to relocate your storage, shelving or racking in Melbourne, either around your existing premises or to new premises, our installation teams can help you.

Erect-A-Rack offers a relocation service that incorporates the following processes:

Using Erect-A-Rack 3D design services, we will create a new blueprint design to maximise available space.
Work with you to decide whether existing storage, racking or shelving is suitable for the new environment.
Supply you with credit for items that will not work in the new environment.

Full end-to-end relocation service including teardown, packaging, freight, and re-installation in the new location.

Get the Erect-A-Rack experts to handle your relocation, efficiently and safely. Call us now to get a quote.