Investing in industrial shelving, retail shelving or warehouse pallet racking is often a carefully considered decision due to the nature of the capital investment.

As a free service to its clients, Erect-A-Rack offers shelving design, racking design and warehouse layout design services. We also supply CAD drawings for large projects, free of charge.

Warehouse Storage 3D Design Services

Erect-A-Rack’s shelving, racking and warehouse layout design service is popular in retail, small factories and for use in the design of mezzanine floors and warehouse layouts.

Warehouse Design Benefits

Our shelving, racking and warehouse layout design service offers our customers several benefits including:

  • Visualising how the storage, shelving or racking solution will look – before you buy.
  • Testing and changing layouts at design stage to maximise available space.
  • Determining the right mix of shelving or racking product, depending on your final design.
  • Having tangible designvplans to present to senior managers, chief executives or chief financial officers.

Using the latest technology and software, Erect-A-Rack can design layouts and elevations for any storage area.

Layout designs allow us to create optimal storage space within your existing or new premises, designed specifically to suit your needs. The 3-dimensional design enables us to create a image in which you can take a virtual tour through the proposal.

When taking the virtual tour you will visualise the finished product and the benefits of the storage solution at the click of a button. Call our team today to enquire about getting the most out of your storage area.