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Pallet Racking Inspection

Pallet Racking Inspections

Did you know that Pallet racking needs to be inspected at regular 12-month intervals? Erect-A-Rack provide inspections to those with pallet racking installations of all sizes, giving you the chance to stay on the front foot with the maintenance and safety of your racking and shelving.

Stay up to standard with regular inspections

In order to ensure that your pallet racking solutions comply with Australian Standards AS-4084 for Steel Pallet Racking, businesses are required to have their pallet racking inspected at least every 12 months.

Regular inspections are far and away the best way to protect your employees and your products and materials from the dangers of compromised shelving and racking installations. Our inspections provide your business with the insights required to stay on top of the effects of day-to-day operations.

During our inspections, we look for:

  • Signs of impact related damage from forklifts and other equipment
  • Missing, dislodged or compromised components
  • Warped or misaligned beams and posts
  • Corrosion or degradation

Beyond the overall condition and serviceability of your pallet racking installations, we also help you ensure that the compliance aspects of your pallet racking and shelving are all in check.

Pallet Racking Inspection


Our inspections are priced to help businesses stay compliant without having to spend a fortune. See our prices here or get in contact for a quote.

$330.00 Inc GST

For warehouses up to 1000 pallet positions

$660.00 Inc GST

For warehouses over 1000 pallet positions

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Warehouses over 2000 pallet positions, please contact us for a price

Pallet Racking Installation in Australia

Continued support for customers of all sizes

We have developed hassle free “No Interruption” Inspection and Reporting Method that gives you a confidential report outlining any damage or non-compliant items. This enables you to rectify any issues before potential PIN (Provisional Improvement Notice) can be issued by Work Safe and also brings your workplace up in line with current safety standards.

This service includes the following:

  • On-site inspection on all Pallet Racking Systems Installed
  • Full detailed Inspection Report including photos and Risk Identification Stickers
  • Recommendations on safety hazards in the warehouse
  • Annual Pallet Racking Inspection Plaque dated for the next inspection
  • Free Obligation quotation for any repairs required

Contact our team to find out more

Be sure that your workplace is safe and up to Australian Safety standard by booking a hassle-free inspection with our team today. At Erect-A-Rack, we’re proud to supply high quality pallet racking and shelving solutions to businesses in and around Melbourne and beyond, part of that service is helping you stay ahead on your maintenance. Get in contact with us to get a quote.