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Pallet Racking Delivery Services

While Erect-A-Rack is located in Melbourne, Victoria, it delivers pallet rack and shelving throughout Australia, using its reliable freight delivery network and offering some of the sharpest pricing in interstate transport delivery rates.

Even if you’re located in New South Wales, you may find that its more cost-effective to ship your racking from Erect-A-Rack in Victoria than it might be to buy and deliver it locally.

For small, in-stock order, such as LS2000 or RigiRack, Erect-A-Rack offers same day delivery in Melbourne and within 1-2 days delivery across the Eastern seaboard of Australia.

Larger, customised or complex orders are scheduled for delivery in accordance with the customer requirements.

Delivery charges are additional to the cost of your products.

Pallet Racking Delivery