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Second Hand Pallet Racking

Used Pallet Racking Solutions for Sale in Melbourne

As an alternative to new, Erect-A-Rack also offers used or second hand pallet racking and shelving for sale. A large part of our business includes relocation of companies to larger warehouses, and as a result, we trade in all the existing pallet racking to eliminate any unwanted downtime. Due to the large quantity of used pallet racking on hand, we have a dedicated warehouse in Melbourne to house all brands and sizes:

  • Dexion
  • Colby
  • APC
  • BrownBuilt
  • SafetyLock
  • Schaefer
  • And much more!

Beam Lengths Frame Heights Frame Depths Accessories
1372mm (1 x pallet wide) 915mm 610mm – for tyre storage/shelving Safe Working Load Signs
1829mm 1829mm 838mm – for standard pallet racking Column Guards
2591mm (2 x pallet wide) 2438mm 1067mm End Protectors
2743mm (2 x pallet wide) 3048mm 1219mm – for large pallets and carpet racking Particle Board Shelves
3048mm 3658mm Custom frame depths to suit your products Mesh Decking
3300mm 4267mm Safety Mesh Fences
3658mm 4877mm Operation and Maintenance Sign
3810mm (3 x pallet wide) 6096mm Pallet Racking Inspections
Custom Beams on request Up to 12000mm High

All used warehouse and pallet racking for sale from Erect-A-Rack is compliant with the Australian Standards AS4084-2012.

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Save on costs with our second hand pallet racking systems for sale

We often come across second hand racking and storage systems that have minor scratches from previous use or have come out of the box scratched. At Erect-A-Rack, we can supply you with high-quality pre-loved pallet racking and other storage solutions that are as perfectly functional as any of our brand new products.

High-quality racking systems at low prices

Your business can enjoy the benefits of our pre-loved storage solutions without blowing your budget! Thanks to Erect-A-Rack, there’s no need to splurge big bucks on pallet racking systems – we take the time to source second hand products that are still highly fit for use. We know all too well that safety is of utmost importance when it comes to heavy-duty storage systems, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that all used items we put on the market can withstand the minimal safety requirements.

Discover our Melbourne warehouse

We have a wide variety of used products for sale all year round at our warehouse. As soon as we discover a used item that is still functional and has the potential to be used a second time around, we store it in our warehouse for customers to purchase. With so many products on offer at any given time, including drive in racking, workbenches, and steel shelving, we highly encourage you to get in touch with us to see if we can help solve your storage issues at a fraction of the retail price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is pallet racking?

Pallet racking is made up of two main components, the frames and the beams. The latter comes in several different sizes, these being: 1 pallet wide – 1372mm, 2 pallets wide – 2590mm and 3 pallets wide – 3658mm. It’s important to factor these measurements in when it comes to designing your warehouse layout.

How much weight can you put on pallet racking?

Pallet racking is available in a range of different load capacities. Factors such as the type and quality of the materials used will all impact how much a rack can hold. Australian Standard pallet racks can carry 500kg – 1,800kg. For safety reasons, it’s important that you do not exceed the outlined weight limit.

Should pallet racking be bolted to the floor?

Yes, all pallet racking should be fixed to the floor. In line with AS4084 – 2012, 2 fixings per base plate are needed or 4 fixings per each frame. Anyone that does not bolt their pallet racks to the floor is putting their team at significant risk and can face serious penalties as a result.

How much space do you need between pallet racks?

The amount of space that you need between pallet racks will vary, based on the size and shape of what is being stored. However, we recommend that you allow for at least 400mm between each rack. This will ensure that your team has ample room to access your site without any issues.

How high can you stack on a pallet?

Pallet racking frames are available in a range of different heights and can be customised based on your particular storage needs. As a general guide, you’ll want a frame height of at least 1.5 metres or the total height of your highest pallet + 500mm clearance from the ceiling.

What is the maximum height for a pallet?

The maximum height for a pallet is usually 1.8 metres. However other options are available. Keep in mind that safety, storage efficiency and accessibility are key considerations when it comes to warehouse design. You’ll also want to make sure that there is adequate space between your highest pallet and the ceiling of your structure.

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