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Safety Still A Priority

Even though workplace safety has significantly improved over the years, there is still a need to continually improve safety procedures in the workplace. The manufacturing industry, while not always in the media, is still considered a priority industry for Safe Work Australia. The common causes of injury in the manufacturing industry include body stressing (muscle strains, back conditions, and tendonitis/tenosynovitis), being hit by a moving object, and falling/tripping/slipping. With the common causes of death including: being hit by falling objects, vehicle incidents, falling from a height, and being trapped by machinery and/or between stationary and moving objects.

You can reduce the likelihood of accidents and fatalities occurring in the workplace through various means. Keeping the lines of communication open is a vital way to reduce accidents, as well as teamwork. Communicating and working together to reduce and/or remove potential hazards in the workplace can help build a positive culture in the workplace. This positivity can influence the entire staff. A positive mindset and environment can assist in creating an atmosphere that holds safety as top priority. If employees and their employers feel good about the work environment they are more likely to actively work together and maintain a safe workplace and adopt an attitude that keeps their safety and the safety of others in mind.

Working as a team to prevent accidents in the workplace is a vital part in keeping the workplace safe. It is a key aspect that should be built into all aspects of the workplace from the very beginning. It can be something as simple as ensuring all staff are made aware of potential hazards, through the implementation and use of protective gear and equipment when hazards are prevalent, to regularly completing safety drills and ensuring adequate steps are in place in case of an accident or emergency.

Prevention of an accident is always better than finding a solution once an accident has occurred.



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