For businesses that are frequently moving inventory, especially dangerous goods, stillage cages are essential. At Erect-A-Rack, we stock a variety of cages that suit any warehouse or logistics application. Our cages are built tough, durable and to the strictest Australian safety standards, ensuring you’ll have a safe and robust product for years to come. Our Melbourne-based warehouse is fully stocked with a range of stillage cages and other materials handling products, meaning you won’t need to wait weeks for order fulfilment.

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How Can Stillage Cages Help Your Business?

A stillage (which is also called a stillage pallet or steel pallet) is a type of pallet – usually manufactured out of steel – that features sides or a cage that prevents goods from falling off during stacking or transportation.

A pallet stillage cage (also called mesh pallet cages or cage pallets) refers to the cage that’s placed on stillage pallets, which usually features front and rear gates for ease of loading. They can also be placed on standard wooden pallets or can contain a built-in solid base for transporting goods where a pallet-style bottom would not be appropriate. Cage pallets are stackable and are manufactured in a multitude of shapes and dimensions for specific purposes.

Pallet stillage is primarily used for storing and transporting goods, protecting against product damage and increasing safety by reducing the chance of aerial falls. Our cages can be easily dismantled when not in use, reducing wasted space and transport costs. They are also designed to be seamlessly integrated into our existing pallet racking systems for easy integration into your workspace.

The Best Stillages for Sale in Melbourne

Our sturdy stillage systems come in a range of sizes to suit all your warehousing and logistics needs. We can help you to personalise the type and number of cages your business requires for optimum efficiency, or you can simply pick and choose from our impressive range in Dandenong and take delivery on the same day. We put your safety first, so we’ll gladly help you with your OH&S needs and perform ongoing inspections if required.

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