Receiving, storing and moving products around on pallets is a daily occurrence for many businesses, but if you aren’t a large-scale business or simply don’t have the room, purchasing a forklift isn’t practical or possible. Thankfully, pallet jacks do the hard work of a forklift for a fraction of the price and space. At Erect-A-Rack, we have sourced Melbourne’s safest, most robust and easiest to handle jacks so you can move pallet racking and inventory with ease and without the investment.

installing pallet racking

What are pallet jacks?

Pallet jacks are devices similar to a forklift, but are operated by hand using a steering handle, rather than via a driver console. This means they are much more compact, lighter and more manoeuvrable than a forklift, but often have just as much power. They are used to move and lift pallets in warehouses and other workplaces.

There are two basic jack types – a manual or hand pallet jack and an electric pallet jack. In a manual jack, the forks are raised using the handle as a pump and a lever on the handle is pressed to release the hydraulic fluid, which then lowers the forks. In an electric jack, the method of operation is the same, but the propulsion and vertical lifting are powered by an electric motor, making the job less strenuous and more stable due to a smoother conveyance.

High-quality Solutions for Your Business

Hand jacks are perfect for smaller workplaces that need to reduce initial outlay, have limited space or require good manoeuvrability. They are easy to use and require minimal training. While less expensive to run and use compared to a forklift, the initial outlay for an electric jack is greater than a manual jack; however, you’ll have less strain on operators, increased productivity due to rolling along faster, and an increased lift weight. For short term projects based in the Melbourne area, we offer a limited selection of jacks available for rental.

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