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Guardrail Suppliers

Erect-A-Rack Guardrail Suppliers

An Erect-A-Rack Guardrail provides enhanced safety by creating a barrier that prevents people or vehicles from straying into off-limit areas. A Guardrail is used to guard equipment, shield work areas and define traffic flow.

Protect your people and equipment – and meet your statutory workplace safety obligations – by talking to Erect-A-Rack about our range of industrial-strength guardrail solutions.

Erect-A-Rack guardrails are extremely durable, offer many safety features and are suitable for use in a variety of applications.

A Guardrail Suits:

Those environments where there is the need to:

  • Protect expensive or important equipment
  • Direct pedestrian traffic flow
  • Reduce exposure to workers compensation claims
  • Shield offices and rooms from wall impacts.

Guardrail Benefits:

  • An Erect-A-Rack guardrail complies with relevant Australian standards
  • We provide fast, easy guardrail installation, with no on-site hot works or welding
  • Guardrails are a cost-effective, heavy duty safeguard keeping workers and equipment safe
  • A Guardrail can be finished to ensure night-time visibility
  • A Guardrail has a long lifespan. Guardrails have corrugated strength and offer low maintenance.
  • A Guardrail is available in unlimited configurations.
  • Guardrails will absorb severe impacts from forklifts or other equipment.

Guardrail Specifications:

Configurations: Available in single, double, and triple guardrail configurations

Materials: Heavy-duty, corrosion resistant steel

Finishing: Range of paint finishes available.

Talk to one of the expert team at Erect-A-Rack to learn more about guardrails and other barriers and safeguards or click on the button below to get a fast quote.