Conveyor Systems

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Conveyor systems provide quick, efficient movement of material and are used by many different industries and in many material-handling applications, including assembly lines. These are particularly effective when heavy/bulky materials need to be transported within a designated area. Hence, these are popular in many industries ranging from packaging to vehicle manufacturing.

Conveyor Systems suit heavy or bulky unit loads that are difficult to move manually such as pallets and drums, raw materials and components, crates, unloading bulk freighters to name a few.

There are different types of conveyor rollers available in Australia, each catering to varying requirements. Vibrating conveyors are machines with solid surfaces turned up on the side to form a trough. These are mostly used in industries with food grade applications. Flexible conveyor rollers are aluminium/stainless steel based systems that come with low friction side rails. These have a wide range of usages from pharmaceutical industries to large retail stores. Then there are other variations such as vertical conveyor systems, also called freight lifts. These conveyor rollers help transport materials to different levels within a warehouse facility.

Conveyor Systems suit heavy or awkward unit loads that are difficult to move manually such as:

Pallets and drums,
Raw materials and components
Crates and more.
Unloading bulk freighters

Conveyor System Benefits:

In general, conveyor systems enable a lot of key advantages to businesses across the spectrum.
Conveyor systems are modular and can be moved around your premises as needs change.
Conveyor systems can be designed to include elevation.
Conveyor systems provide extremely cost-effective material transportation.
Materials can be seen in transit and can be loaded in most points along the conveyor.
Conveyor systems can be enhanced to stop product rollback in elevation or incorporate sidewalls to prevent product spillage

High quality conveyor rollers in Australia

Conveyors are a vital component in transporting materials effectively. From the steel and nylon conveyor rollers to static controlled material, these systems should be capable of sustaining the wear and tear of transporting materials regularly.

It’s also important to ensure maximum service life of your conveyor system. This means that you need to go for the right conveyor system with the right design. Hence why it’s equally important to find a reliable and high quality service provider. Erect-A-Rack is a leading supplier of conveyor systems, pallet racking system and conveyor rollers in Australia. We supply high performance, minimal noise, cost effective conveyor systems that improve your operational productivity, low operating costs and provide excellent value for money.

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