Shuttle Pallet Racking

Automated Storage for High Density Warehouses – Shuttle Racking

Shuttle racking is a high-density, semi-automated storage solution that uses a motorized shuttle to load and unload pallets within a racking system.

It is a highly effective pallet storage solution option for warehouses with high inventory turnover requirements. It is sometimes referred to as a pallet shuttle system or shuttle pallet racking solution. This type of racking suits warehouses frequently loading and unloading large numbers of pallets, where space is at a premium and at sites needing to minimise the time taken for forklifts to be moving and placing items.

Is it right for your warehouse?

If you want to know if semi automated pallet storage is right for you, we’d be happy to discuss it with you and give you a quote. You can:

  • Increase Storage
  • Lower Safety and Pallet Damage Risks
  • Stay compliant with Australian Standards
  • Offer a Semi-Automated Storage Solution for a high volume operation

What is Shuttle Racking? How does it work?

The system consists of a racking structure with rails along which a shuttle travels. The shuttle is operated by a human using a remote control or wireless signal.

  • When an order is placed, the operator sends a command to the shuttle, which then picks up the pallet and transports it to the designated storage location within the racking.
  • The shuttle can move the pallets in either a first-in, first-out (FIFO) or last-in, first-out (LIFO) configuration, depending on the warehouse’s needs.
  • The shuttle can also move pallets vertically by using lifts at the end of the aisles, allowing for high-density storage across multiple levels.

What are the advantages of Shuttle Racking compared to traditional pallet racking?

Shuttle Racking v Traditional Pallet Racking
Increased Storage Capacity
Allows for deeper and taller racking, dramatically increasing the storage capacity within the same warehouse footprint.
Reduced Forklift Travel Times
Handles the movement of pallets into and out of the racking, significantly reducing the distances travelled by forklifts. This enables faster loading and unloading times.
Improved Space Utilisation
By understanding product velocity and using the shuttle to optimize pallet placement, the system can maximize the use of available warehouse space.
Faster Loading/Unloading
With the shuttle doing the pallet transport, loading and unloading processes are streamlined, allowing more pallets to be processed per day.
Increased Productivity
The combination of reduced forklift travel, faster loading/unloading, and better space utilisation enables warehouse operators to handle more throughput with fewer forklifts and personnel.
Reduced Damage
Minimises the risk of collisions and racking damage compared to manual forklift operations, improving safety and reducing operational disruptions.
Works in a range of temperatures and irregular warehouse spaces, providing versatility.

What are the disadvantages?

The main drawbacks are the high upfront cost and the fact that they are not suitable for individual item picking operations.

Is it suitable for your operations?

For warehouses with high density storage requirements and rapid turnover, shuttle pallet racking can be an effective automated storage solution. Choose this option if:

  • You need frequent loading and retrieval of pallets in your warehouse
  • Increased storage capacity is required to improve warehouse space utilisation
  • The potential for pallet damage by forklifts on racks is high
  • The time forklifts take to place items on racks is potentially a bottleneck
  • A semi-automated solution is needed to boost labour productivity.

The automation and high-density storage capabilities of shuttle systems allow warehouses to significantly boost efficiency, productivity, and throughput compared to traditional pallet racking.

What industries use this high density storage?

In our experience, shuttle racking is commonly used in many of the following high density storage industries:

Industries using shuttle Racking include:
Logistics and Distribution
Food and Beverages
Factories with Raw Materials
Automotive Parts Suppliers
Electronics Warehouses

Could this form of Automated Storage be right for you?

Not sure if this is the right option for you? Talk to us at Erect-A-Rack and we’d be delighted to help. We’ve been helping Melbourne warehouses get the right storage for their needs for over 20 years and are ready to help you. We can provide information or a fast quote.