Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Powered Racks are high-density storage banks with selective pallet racking mounted on mobile bases that are electrically operated to move aisles and enable access to required pallets.

Powered Racks are easily justified when refrigeration cost and land cost are high and the land position is unique. They offer safe, sturdy support for palletised loads.

Powered Racks are mobile bases fitted with double-sided pallet racks that can be designed with a SWL of 10T per bay. The pallet racks are fitted with several safety features.


  • Reducing cubic capacity and resultant operating costs
  • High land cost
  • Taking advantage of a unique location

Powered Pallet Racks Benefits

Powered racks should be considered for all Greenfield’s refrigerated storage projects when operating costs are at a minimum, land position is unique and land cost is high. Powered pallet racking are popular because they offer the lowest operating expenses.


Advantages Disadvantages

  • Lowest cubic capacity
  • Low operating expenditure (as a result of low cubic capacity)
  • Lowest insulation cost (also a result of lowest cubic capacity)
  • Only small land area required
  • Only one aisle required in a storage bank of up to 20 double sided racks
  • Access to all pallets without moving any other pallets (FIFO)
  • No special trucks required

  • High capital outlay
  • Limited storage height (12m)
  • For lowest cost, the project should be a Greenfield project

Powered Pallet Racks Truck Specifications.


Aisle widths Storage area Operating aisle area Lift height Through-put rate
2.8 to 3.2m (one aisle only) Can be up to 95% Can be as low as 5% Up to 10.5m 14 – 18 pallets par hour (pph)


Aisle widths Storage area Operating aisle area Through-put rate Lift height
3.8 to 5.5m Can be up to 90% Can be as low as 10% 18 – 22 pph Up to 8m

(Cubic capacity is based on pallet height and available clear storage height).

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