Narrow-Aisle Pallet Racks are selective pallet racks arranged with narrow aisles between them. The arrangement enables access to every pallet and First-In First-Out (FIFO) inventory management.

Because fork trucks can work in aisles up to half the width needed in conventional pallet racking, narrow-aisle pallet racking is popular for its space efficiency benefits – both through efficient use of floor space and because it maximises the height at which goods can be stacked.

Erect-A-Rack’s narrow aisle pallet racking storage solutions are designed for safe and efficient load handling in businesses that are space-constrained.

Narrow-Aisle systems do require special handling trucks, super flat floors and Pick-up and Deposit (P&D) stations to achieve designed productivity levels and reduce operating expenses.


  • Medium to high Volumes (over 3000 pallets)
  • High Land cost
  • Direct access to each pallet
  • High clear storage areas

Narrow-Aisle Pallet Racking Benefits.

Narrow-aisle pallet racking solutions are a popular choice for businesses that are short on storage racking space. In deciding whether it’s the right storage solution for you, you’ll need to consider some of the following factors:


Advantages Disadvantages

  • Low unit load cost when volumes are high
  • High through-put rates when storage systems and software are formulated for the purpose
  • Narrow aisles
  • FIFO inventory management

  • Special trucks required
  • Super flat floor level is critical.
  • Limited storage height (15-16m)
  • Wide transfer aisles required for rack entry
  • Trucks not suitable for transport outside rack area
  • System cannot be automated
  • High maintenance cost

Narrow-Aisle Pallet Racking Truck Specifications.


Aisle widths Storage area Operating Aisle area Lift height Transfer aisle Through-put rate
1.6 to 2.0m 49% 51% 13-14m 4.5 – 6.0m 16 to 24 pph (subject to WMS and transport)

Narrow-aisle storage systems are LOW cost when building, racks and trucks are taken into consideration. However, critical floor requirement and system layout must be carefully considered.

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