Drive-In Pallet Racking storage systems provide convenient and easy access to pallets with the space efficiency and high-volume storage of block stacking. Businesses require fewer aisles for drive-in pallet racking in Melbourne and are able to store up to 75% more pallets in the same space, making drive-in pallet racking an extremely popular and space-efficient choice.

Erect-A-Rack’s drive-in pallet racking storage systems comprise pallets stacked on cantilevered rails to form blocks. Blocks may be stacked up to 12 meters high with two opposing blocks serviced by a single access aisle.

Erect-A-Rack’s drive-in pallet racking channels are served in one direction. They can also be adapted to support FIFO inventory management and multi-direction channel access if necessary.

What is Drive In Pallet Racking?

Drive-in pallet racking is a storage solution that permits highly organised operations to save a great deal of space in their warehousing or industrial storage systems. Drive-in racking makes this possible by arranging a racking solution such that forklifts, or other industrial equipment can drive directly into the aisles used to store your products and materials.

Stored one-in-front-of-the-other, drive-in racking is a great option for those operations that handle great quantities of similar or identical products. Due to the enhanced space utilisation of drive in pallet racking, this particular way of doing things can also make large scale refrigeration projects more viable.

Erect-A-Rack tailors drive-in pallet racking storage systems to pallet, load size and handling equipment. Erect-A-Rack recommends drive-in pallet racking storage systems to clients seeking low-cost inventory management for few SKUs, high pallet quantities at high throughput rates.


  • High Volumes of the same SKU
  • Low range of Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
  • Inventory management in batches of pallets
  • High throughput rates
  • High land cost

Drive In Pallet Racking Benefits

Drive-in pallet racking solutions are ideal for businesses looking for high density storage and last-in, first out pallet storage configurations. They are ideal racks for seasonal items that move quickly and for cooler or freezers where space is very limited.

If you’re wanting to determine whether this storage solutions are right for your business, take into account the advantages and disadvantages of a drive-in pallet racking system as described below.


Advantages Disadvantages

  • Low cost of storage
  • Low cost trucks (Counterbalanced or Reach Type)
  • Floor level is not critical (front loaded).

  • High rack cost (however, high cost savings result)
  • Limited storage height (12m)
  • Medium to wide aisles required for handling
  • Direct access to every pallet
  • Loss of storage locations as only same SKU can be stored in a lane and incoming goods cannot be stored in the same lane, Recommended storage loss allowance 20-30%

Drive-In Pallet Racking Truck Specifications


Aisle widths Lift height (recommended)
2.8 to 3.2m up to 8.5m


Aisle widths Lift height (recommended)
3.8 to 5.5m up to 8.5m

(Cubic capacity is based on pallet height and available clear storage height).

Although rack costs are highest, truck costs are lowest and storage unit cost is low when building. Talk to one of the expert teams at Erect-A-Rack to learn more about drive-in pallet racking storage solutions or our other products available, including cantilever racking, long span shelving, and second hand racking. Click on the button below to get a fast quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is drive-in racking?

Drive-in racking involves pallets that are placed so they can slide backwards on a rail, in turn allowing them to be stored more deeply and utilising space within a warehouse better. This type of storage setup involves a forklift approaching the racking from one side to load or collect the pallets which are stored more deeply.

What is a mobile racking system?

Mobile racking is a storage system that is generally placed on wheels or rollers for improved portability throughout a warehouse or factory. They can hold a large number of products, materials and supplies in a highly organised and easy-to-access manner. Mobile racking provides for convenience and efficiency.

What is selective pallet racking?

Selective pallet racking is the most affordable pallet racking solution, providing great value for customers. It’s ideal for warehouses where efficiency, accessibility and flexibility are key. You can store materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels when using this setup.

What is push back racking?

Push back racking is a method of pallet storage that allows pallets to be stored from 2 to 6 deep on either side of an aisle, providing a carrying density that other racking options lack. Push back racking provides for a range of benefits and can greatly improve warehouse operations.