Carpets, carpet pads and rolls of vinyl are stored inefficiently on pallets, which is why carpet racks are a much better storage alternative to maximize your valuable floor space.

With a minimum of fuss, carpet racks store away your carpet rolls, vinyl rolls and a variety of other long items and materials.

Properly designed carpet racks from Erect-A-Rack enable you to store carpet in dense bundles. Thus, maximizing storage space and minimizing the storage wastage that typifies pallet storage for these types of items.

Carpet Racks Suit:

  • The storage of long items, such as carpet or vinyl rolls
  • Environments with limited storage capacity with the need to maximize storage efficiency

Carpet Racks Benefits:

  • Carpet racks provide secure, sturdy and efficient storage for carpet, vinyl and other long items.
  • Improved efficiency – faster load and unload from trucks, greater density storage than other storage options.
  • Carpets racks can be stacked to take advantage of storage height and maximize storage space.
  • Carpet racks provide instant access to all stored carpets and vinyls.
  • Carpet racks (with spike attachments) are easily moved by forklift trucks.
  • Customised carpet racks are available to meet client size, length and load requirements.

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