Pallet Racking Buy Back

Are you looking to Trade in or Sell your unwanted Pallet Racking?

Erect A Rack is one of the largest stockists of all brands of second hand pallet racking!

We buy and sell all Types, Brands and Sizes of unused and unwanted storage systems. If you are looking to relocate and have new storage systems installed to ease the pain, we can supply your new warehouse and trade in the old to eliminate double handling of stock and easing the stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my racking worth to sell?

All trade in value for pallet racking is different depending on age, brand, sizes and origin of manufacture. The labour costs for dismantle can also affect the end trade-in value.
Erect A Rack offer the highest trade-in price for good quality pallet racking.

Who dismantles the pallet racking?

Erect A Rack has qualified installers who are very experienced and stick to very strict OH&S policies and procedures to eliminate any damage to property and stock. We also ensure all pallet racking components are packed and strapped for transport. All floor fixings are ground flush with concrete once the frames have been lowered.

What is involved in the process?

Once we have inspected the racking on-site and booked in the dates for dismantle and removal,

  1. We plan and book any required plant and equipment for the dismantle to arrive on the first day
  2. All racking must be emptied of stock prior to the day of dismantle
  3. Installers arrive on-site and begin the dismantle
  4. Trucks are booked at required times to remove that racking so the site doesn’t get congested with materials
  5. As the racking frames are being removed, all floor fixings are ground flush with the concrete floor (core drilling and filling can be done at an additional cost)
  6. Once all racking has been removed, all nuts and bolts are swept up and put in the bin and plant and equipment de hired

How does trading in pallet racking benefit me?

In most situations when a business is needing to relocate, consolidate, increase or redesign their storage layouts, the existing materials may not be suitable.

For example:

  1. If the pallet racking needs to extend in height with an additional beam level, the frames may not be designed to hold the bay load and need to be replaced.
  2. If the business is relocating to a new warehouse, it can work out more cost effective to fit out the new warehouse with racking and then trade in the old, eliminating double handling and down time.
  3. Some times pallet racking is just not required anymore and rather than leaving it outside to rust, you can trade it in for money.

We will contact you within 24hours to arrange a site visit or Estimate on the trade in of your pallet racking

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