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Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems for Sale

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With over 75 years of experience in the materials handling and warehouse industry, Erect-A-Rack is Australia’s specialist supplier of cost effective pallet rack shelving systems for businesses. We are committed to offering the latest in innovation, to ensure that our customers experience the full difference in their workplace. Whether that be improving safety standards with complete compliance with all industry regulations, increasing security of all goods resting on sturdier designs, or creating streamlined processes and procedures to boost productivity amongst employees, Erect-A-Rack has you covered.

Our new and second hand pallet racking systems for sale have set the industry benchmark in Melbourne and across Australia for offering outstanding storage solutions in warehouses or storerooms.

Benefits of warehouse pallet racking systems for sale

Introducing pallet racking systems into your warehouse or storage facility will revolutionise your operations.

Save Space

The utilisation of neat, vertical, pallets provides incredible space saving potential. With this equipment available on hand, it is highly likely that a business will be able to increase their warehouse’s storage capacity, and by extension, their overall output.  


Only premium materials are used to construct Erect-A-Rack pallet racking systems. Alongside mindful designs and compliance with any and all safety standards, business owners can have the peace of mind knowing their products are in safe care.

Organised for Convenience & Accessibility

The vertical nature of the pallet racking system also provides greater ease in operations for staff. The neat nature of their installation makes for efficient work with any commonplace logistics equipment, allowing staff to work faster, smarter, and all with no added exertion.    


Pallet racking systems are a cost-effective investment to straighten up the storage and operations of any warehouse. At Erect-A-Rack, we strive to always offer our products for sale at the most competitive prices in the industry, making your solutions more within reach.


Erect-A-Rack offers a range of pallet storage racking options, including:

Pallet racking systems and installation

SafetyLock pallet rack systems boast the highest value, lowest maintenance cost and highest resale value of our range. For the best pallet racks for sale across Australia or for our pallet racking installation services, turn to the business most businesses trust – contact Erect-A-Rack today. Call 1300 788 916 or get a quote online.