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Pallet Rack Shelving in Melbourne

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Pallet Racking Systems for Greater Efficiencies

Pallet racking for warehouses is available in many configurations to meet the unique needs of storing goods and materials safely for your business. As specialist suppliers, we offer versatile formats to choose from that make storing items on your shelves accessible.

Our shelves are available at various levels and depths to optimise the layout of your building design while also maximising productivity. When having this type of access, your staff can better utilise available space and enable them to work faster and smarter. With added efficiency, your business is making better use of financial resources while also having the capacity to have more stock on hand for a faster turnaround.

Along with delivering workplace optimisation opportunities, we also recognise the importance of innovation and staying on top of technology to enhance warehouse efficiencies while still adhering to Australian Safety Standards. This results in easy to use designs that are secure for ongoing use for a range of stock items.

Save Space & Time with Pallet Racking Systems

To perform business efficiently, pallet racking systems for warehouses need to be of high quality and appropriately sized. Installing the correct storage shelves is a convenient way to access stock and enables you to add more as you need without searching high and low for extra room.

When browsing through our selection, you will see we have an extensive range of industrial shelving choices from which to choose. This means you can confidently buy high-quality products when selecting one of the following:

Selective System

Keeping your inventory organised with the help of your selective shelving solutions provides you with the choice of horizontal rows of various heights.

Drive-In Solution

Using this option, you will be able to safely drive your forklift or whatever equipment you may have to retrieve materials and products with ease.

Narrow-Aisle Solutions

In areas where space is premium, narrow-aisle storage can increase productivity and maximise available room.

Double Deep Shelving

When these are installed two deep, they are ideal for providing increased storage density for medium aisles. They are more space-efficient than standard options.

Powered Options

This high-density option involves operating electronically configured mobile bases for warehouse staff to access stock easily.


Our carpet solutions for warehouses maximise your flooring configuration and efficiencies when needing to store carpet and vinyl rolls.


What pallet racking systems include

A high quality pallet racking system is vital for an efficient performing business. Saving space for your storage needs, convenience, accessibility and safety all attribute to a truly good pallet racking system. This means that our warehouse pallet racking systems are equipped with everything that makes it a reliable choice for customers.

At Erect-A-Rack, bolted pallet racking systems come with upright frames that cater to the varying storage needs. Coated with Dulux Powder Coat finish, these include base plates that are bolted to the warehouse floor with anchoring bolts. The upright frames are then connected to pallet racking beams, which are hollow profiles with welded connectors. Depending on the type of racking system you’re going with, the beams can change to box beams, interlock beams or other.

At times due to load capacity and specific racking system requirements racking beams alone won’t suffice. This is where beam connectors are utilised. These are usually profiles with three or four holes based on the exact warehouse pallet racking needs. Beam connectors are factory welded to the beams and also equipped with safety locks to ensure the beam connectors remain firmly in place.

Erect-A-Rack offers a range of pallet storage racking options, including:

Pallet racking systems & installation

SafetyLock pallet rack systems boast the highest value, lowest maintenance cost and highest resale value of our range. For the best pallet racks for sale or for pallet racking installation services, turn to the company many businesses trust – Erect-A-Rack.

Buy pallet racking at a great price

When it comes to the price, we know you want the best deal possible. At Erect-A-Rack we strive to give all our customers the best value for money. We guarantee the best quality warehouse pallet racking for all types of businesses while making sure our cost is competitive. Please get in touch with our team to learn more about our pricing structure and to get a direct quote for your job, large or small.

Providing Excellence in Choice & Installation

When purchasing from our online store, you’re accessing safe pallet racking installed by our knowledgeable and expert technicians. The procedure for safely configuring the shelving to your building includes bolting upright frames coated in a powder-coated finish for indoor use and welding beam connectors to provide a secure load for your stock.

Aside from consulting with you to make a configured shelving and managing installation, our specialised team can inspect your storage shelves every 12 months to ensure they remain structurally sound.

Do you want the right type of shelves for your industrial building at a great price? Contact us on 1300 788 916, get an online quote or visit our Dandenong South showroom so we can discuss workspace options for improved efficiencies for your business.