Mezzanine Floors – Rack Supported

What are Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors?

Rack-Supported Mezzanine Floors use Racking Underneath to support them. This gives you additional storage and can be a cost-effective method of adding a mezzanine floor to your Melbourne warehouse.

Mezzanine flooring systems, also known as raised storage areas, are an ideal way to add more storage without having to relocate to larger premises. And even if you do need to move in the future, you can take mezzanine floors with you as they are completely relocatable.

Compatible with all industrial purposes, rack supported mezzanine floors have racking beneath them to provide additional shelving and storage. You can use new or existing pallet racking and using mezzanine floor solutions, increase your storage capacity dramatically at a cost that won’t blow your budget. Rack-supported mezzanine floors can be surfaced in timber or wire mesh.

If you have overhead or roof space that’s empty or can be better utilised, consider mezzanine floor construction as your best alternative to traditional shelving.

The friendly and professional team at Erect-A-Rack can discuss various mezzanine floor design and kit options with you. Call Melbourne’s leading mezzanine floor suppliers on 1300 788 916 today.

Mezzanine floors suit:

Premises with empty overhead space and high ceilings

New offices, staff rooms, platform and storage needs

The benefits of mezzanine floor construction:

No need to relocate. Increase your storage capacity by utilising roof space.

No need for more utilities. Use existing heating and air-conditioning.

Construction is straightforward and mezzanine floors can be relocated to new premises.

Up to three-tier mezzanine floors available; all cost effective

Mezzanine flooring specifications:

Weight: Support loads of up to 5kpa.

Height: Up to three tier mezzanine floors.

Choice of timber or wire mesh surface finishes.

Our products meet all applicable Australian standards.

Components of a good quality mezzanine racking system

Beams – the horizontal structural steel pieces that sit on top of the columns.

Columns – these are the posts that support the floor and are anchored into the concrete slab underneath.

Joists – these are the steel purlins that are fixed in place and run perpendicular to the main beams and the flooring sheets are affixed on top.

Flooring – the floor is fixed onto the joist level and can be constructed from various materials including wood and metal sheeting.

Pallet gates – sliding, rollover or swing access gates are available and will be entirely dependent on the type of operation and budget you have. With these gates, pallets are able to be transferred onto the platform more easily.

Guard rails – a top handrails and mid rail at knee level that are supported by poles and attached to the flooring. This provides safety for anyone moving around the mezzanine level.

Stairs – these are the access points for the mezzanine levels and can be positioned at various heights and locations of the layout.

Why choose Erect-A-Rack mezzanine floors?

When it comes to investing your money in building a mezzanine floor, it is important to choose the best option from the people who know warehouse storage solutions. At Erect-A-Rack we know mezzanine levels and their benefits like the back of our hand.

Custom design:

We offer free design advice so you will have a very clear overview of what will suit your storage needs best. Our mezzanine flooring will withstand massive amounts of weights and can be built to fit into existing warehouse space designs. You will need to consider what you require in your design as a mezzanine can be used for general storage, as an office space or a pallet rack mezzanine can be used for a distribution centre and the like.

All industries:

The benefits of installing warehouse mezzanine floors are that they work for so many different types of industries. For example, some of our clients include food and beverage companies, retail warehouses, engineering, and more.

Safety focussed:

All our mezzanine floor builders have been expertly trained and every job we do is focused on the safety of our employees and the clients. Every installation of a warehouse mezzanine floor that we do is 100% compliant with Australian safety standards (AS4084-2012).

The benefits of mezzanine floor professional mezzanine flooring systems in Melbourne

If you have a huge warehouse space and need to maximise it for your business then you need to look at our mezzanine floor kits for sale in Australia. The following list of benefits will make your decision to purchase an Erect-A-Rack mezzanine pretty simple:

    Space saving

    Fully customisable

    Tough and durable

    Made to comply with strict Australian Industry Standards

    Built by the experts

    Capitalise on vertical space

    Safety focussed

    Pallet storage available

    Accessible by stairs

    Talk to the expert team at Erect-A-Rack to learn more about mezzanine floors for sale, or click on the button below to get a fast quote.