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What Is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor, serving as an intermediary level between the ground floor and the ceiling, offers versatile solutions for maximizing space utilization. Particularly valuable in warehousing and logistics, mezzanine floors effectively expand existing workspace, enhance storage capacity, and facilitate prolonged operational efficiency for growing businesses. With their strategic placement, these platforms optimize spatial organization and support seamless workflow integration.

Many Melbourne companies make the most of their warehouse space by creating mezzanine floors or raised storage areas. This is a highly popular alternative to standard shelving as it is excellent for creating storage from empty overhead and roof spaces. Furthermore, it can be multi-tiered for your convenience.

Building a mezzanine floor necessitates careful planning and the acquisition of both planning and building permits to align with local council regulations. These permits are crucial for ensuring compliance with safety standards, zoning rules, and overall urban planning objectives. Ensuring ease of process and peace of mind, Erect A Rack will handle all Planning and Building permits for you ensuring 100% compliance.

Mezzanine floors are typically built in warehouses and other industrial settings specifically because they are a cost-effective way of boosting the space you have available to store your products and materials. There are a few things you have to consider, such as the weight tolerances and the total spans of the mezzanine floor that you want built.

Before you decide to rebuild or relocate your business to a larger premise, talk to the Erect-A-Rack Melbourne team about how our warehouse mezzanine flooring systems might maximise the potential storage space you already have.

Mezzanine Permit Process

To make your project run as smooth as possible, Erect A Rack will take care of the planning and building permit process for your project. The Permit Process takes approximately 2 weeks.

  Full design and engineering

  Australian made, designed and certified

  Planning and Building Permit

  Installation, inspection and sign off

Clear span warehouse mezzanine flooring is very popular with businesses that need more space than pallet racking and industrial shelving units  can provide. By utilising empty overhead and roof areas, we save you space and expensive renovation or relocation costs. The team at Erect-A-Rack offers fast-track construction which minimises any disruption to your operations.

This nifty storage solution is perfect for those who are: 

Short of space and have empty overhead spaces

Needing extra offices or additional storage space

Looking for seamless integration within existing storage environments

Benefits of clear span mezzanine flooring

These unique systems include the following benefits:

Construction from strong, stable and durable material that incorporates a lightweight, economic steel structure

Cost-effective alternative to relocation to larger premises

Fully demountable so that you can relocate it at a future time

Adds up to 100% increase on floor area without incurring additional rent

Get the best out of your mezzanine floor design

So you’ve come to the decision that building a mezzanine floor is the option that is best for your business. You have a few things to consider in terms of how this is going to best suit your space. Square meterage, the height of the warehouse space, and the purpose of the mezzanine will heavily influence the mezzanine floor design you ultimately go with.

Depending on the purpose of your floor plan you may want natural light for office space, and to have a structure built in on top to enclose the mezzanine for privacy. If space needs to be functional you can split up the zones and have it partially open. Adding a storage unit in the form of racking or shelving is also an option when you choose Erect-A-Rack for your job.

Why choose Erect-A-Rack mezzanine floors?

At Erect-A-Rack we know mezzanine floors and can custom build them to fit your space. Whether it’s an office you need room for, or extra space for storage in your warehouse, we have you covered and can get it done in no time. When you choose our warehouse mezzanine floors there’s no end to the possibilities. Erect-A-Rack works to:

Custom design your mezzanine to suit your needs

Service all industries

Allow you all the benefits of a warehouse mezzanine floor

Comply with all Australian Safety Standards

Give you free design consultation and advice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is a platform that sits between your existing floor and the roof. In warehousing and logistics operations, a mezzanine floor can be hugely beneficial. They can open up your existing workspace, generate a greater storage capacity, and prolong the time in which your growing business can remain in its current location.

What is a mezzanine floor used for?

Mezzanine floors make it possible to utilise the space that sits between your working areas and the ceiling. They can be used to store tools, equipment and materials, and they can even be used to create office spaces and break areas for yourself and your staff.

How much does a mezzanine floor cost?

The cost of installing a mezzanine floor in your warehouse or industrial space will depend on a number of factors. The type of mezzanine flooring that you choose, and the size and scale. The best way to get an accurate idea as to how much the installation of a mezzanine floor will cost is to get in touch with us at Erect-A-Rack and schedule a consultation. As a guide, prices range from $400 per square meter to $850 per square meter depending on size.  

How much weight can a mezzanine hold?

The load bearing capacity of a mezzanine flooring solution will vary between types and applications of use. At a minimum, a mezzanine floor should be built to handle at least 300 kilograms per square metre. For a comprehensive picture of what we can do for you, reach out to the team at Erect-A-Rack for a consultation.

Does a mezzanine count as a Storey?

A mezzanine is not typically counted as an additional storey within an existing structure. The exception being in cases where the mezzanine floor spans across an area that is greater than a third of your existing floor space.

Do mezzanine floors need planning permission?

As a mezzanine floor is a significant alteration to your existing warehouse or industrial space floor plan, planning permission is required prior to installation. Permits ensure your new development will adhere to local planning codes and workplace safety measures. Depending on the location of your business space, local permission guidelines may vary but it’s important to attain all required permits prior to building out your new mezzanine.

What is the minimum height for a mezzanine floor?

The minimum clearance height for a mezzanine floor is 2100mm from the ground to the underside clearance of the structure. It also applies to the clearance from the mezzanine floor to the ceiling in the building. This is a building regulation that must be followed for compliance and certification.

What is the difference between a loft and a mezzanine?

The term loft more often refers to an enclosed space that sits above a living or working area. They can be used as a secondary living, working or storage space, but typically do not feature the sorts of access or space that you can achieve with a mezzanine floor.

How do you build a mezzanine floor?

Well technically you don’t build it, we do. Our experienced mezzanine floor builders who have plenty of years of building inside warehouse spaces will construct your mezzanine level for you. Once all the surveying and planning has been carried out. The structure is bolted into the concrete slab that it will be anchored to in order to potentially create a usable space underneath for offices etc. The steel framework is put up first and secured. Then the flooring that will eventually become the mezzanine level is put into place.

What does mezzanine level mean?

The mezzanine level is an intermediate flooring which is constructed between the ceiling and the floor of a larger building. It is often open and used as a storage area or to create extra space for a home or warehouse environment by adding floorspace that was once non-existent. A mezzanine level is designed to cover a specific area rather than extending to become an entire extra storey.

What is a mezzanine floor plan?

Similar to a floorplan of any building, building a mezzanine floor requires plans also. A blueprint of how the structure will be built and the configuration of support, railings and stairs are all things that may be included in this type of plan. As apart of the Planning and Permit Process, we include all structural and engineering drawings for your project.

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