Mezzanine Floor Solutions

Mezzanine Floors to Suit your Facility

If you’re looking to find extra storage space whilst not moving from your current location, a raised storage mezzanine floor may be the perfect solution for you. 

Mezzanine floors can be used at different types of storage locations and for heavy loads or lighter loads. Thanks to innovative racking and shelving storage equipment, their shape can be adapted as your needs change, they can be used anywhere from warehouses to offices, and are built with heavy-duty materials to withstand any industry needs.

There are many types available, and the flooring which suits your business will depend on your current needs and future growth plans. Below are some useful help about your mezzanine floor installation choices. What could work for your Melbourne business? Ask us for a Quote. We can tailor a plan to suit your specific industrial requirements.

What are mezzanine floors?

Mezzanine floors solve the warehouse storage space problem by sitting overhead in the unoccupied roof space of your current storage facility. Including racking or shelving that can be single or multi-levelled, they can be made to your custom specifications. Mezzanine solutions are completely transportable to new locations when you’re ready. Or simply reconfigure them as your needs change at your current location.

Design Options:


Custom floor heights

Levels from 1 to 3

Despatch shoots for goods

Custom design to fit your space

Hand rails

Timber or steel finish on floors

Shelving and racking underneath or above the ground

Why choose mezzanine floor systems for your storage facility?

Adding a mezzanine floor to your warehouse is a smart way to make use of the vertical space that often goes unused. It transforms space into storage capacity and increased work area while working seamlessly with existing racks and shelves.

You’re not only investing in making every square metre count, but you’re creating flexibility in your operations. These structures can be easily disassembled and transported, so can go with you if you relocate. You can set them up in a new configuration that suits your new space, avoiding the costs and hassle of finding a specifically configured warehouse.

They also mean you can expand your storage space above your main floor without having to move your operations. This helps avoid the disruption of a relocation, maintain steady service for your customers, and cut down on the expenses and logistical challenges associated with moving your business.


Comparing types of mezzanine floors

Raised Storage Areas

Simple and practical in design, raised storage areas are a great mezzanine floor construction option, enabling you to triple the storage space you have. Raised floors are multi-tiered and are able to be reconfigured however you need them at any new location you may move to later down the track. You won’t have to leave your investment behind!

Rack-supported Mezzanine Floors

Rack-supported mezzanine floors consist of a floor space built above your ground floor within the current roof space. This free-space floor can be as large or as small as you need it to be. Used for archiving or additional product storage, they can store just about anything you need.

Rack supported floors are made from shelving, racking, and supporting steel to last in the long-term and in tough work areas.

Clearspan Mezzanine Floors

Utilise the extra space you have overhead and within your roof area by installing a Clearspan mezzanine floor. Clearspan mezzanine floors are in high-demand with warehouses that need additional space over their regular warehouse pallet racks as an extra work area or office space within your facility. Each mezzanine floor solution is tailored to our client needs.

This type of floor can be installed to allow extra storage within your current space, without having to purchase another facility or hire extra space. This can integrate very easily with current storage systems in place, is fully demountable and will not affect your floor space at all!

Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Benefits

  • Create new storage areas
  • Extra floor space that’s cost effective
  • Safety and flexibility
  • 100% compliant with Australian standards
  • Mezzanine floor installation completed by experts

Designs can feature:

Double and even triple the capacity of your warehouse with a mezzanine floor

Save money on moving costs to a new facility

Don’t move therefore don’t disturb your customers or your staff

Enjoy a heavy-duty build, made to withstand tough conditions

Make the most of unused space in your facility

Improve productivity with less travel time between storage spots in the space

Increase the space on the ground

It’s a very affordable and effective solution without spending too much

Do you also need stairs?

Whether your mezzanine design is for storage, office space, or multipurpose use, you’ll need a way to get yourself up there. If you need to include stairs in your set up, Erect-A-Rack caters for this requirement as well.

Not only do we offer the best racking and shelving for warehouses, but we can custom design mezzanines for all types of uses – including stairs in the build.

Choose our from popular warehouse mezzanine stairs configurations or have your custom-built to fit your needs.

A pallet rack mezzanine will be a great addition to your set up if you’re looking for a simple way to maximise your existing space. See what implementing an effective storage system using mezzanine floors can do for your warehouse with Erect-A-Rack today, just call 1300 788 916.


Tough, durable, flexible, and robust

Fully customisable designs

Compliant with Australian safety standards

Easy setup and removal


Make mezzanine storage easily accessible

Maximize vertical space in the warehouse

Work in conjunction with mezzanine flooring

Aesthetically pleasing for office space setups

Types of Mezzanine Floor Systems

Racking mezzanine floor systems

Racking mezzanine floor systems use standard pallet racking materials and components. Medium to heavy-duty structures are assembled by combining pallet racking frames and beams. With this design, the floor can be positioned on top or in between the pallet racking bays. The floor itself is made up of beams that hook straight into the racking uprights. These parts are secured with locking pins for added safety. A key feature of racking mezzanines is they are free-standing and don’t require any part of your existing building for support.

Longspan mezzanine floor systems

If your business deals with small parts inventory like electrical components, archival materials, mining equipment or automotive parts, then a longspan mezzanine floor system is a great idea. These flexible storage options are cost-effective and allow you to maximise storage capacity. Longspan beams are stepped to accommodate particle board, steel or mesh flooring.

Structural mezzanine floor systems

A structural steel mezzanine floor is a heavy-duty storage solution made from steel beams and posts. They can be tailored to match your specific requirements and act as an ideal option for large load capacities. Structural steel mezzanines differ from racking supported mezzanines in that they have wider column spans. This allows for superior underneath access.

A structural mezzanine floor is commonly used for office and retail use or they can be built over existing work and storage areas.

Suitable for all industries

Mezzanine warehouse racking solutions are suitable for businesses across all industries. They offer impressive small-parts storage along with long span shelving. Easily access numerous shelves in a small area to maximise floor space and reduce rent.

All small parts picking


Archive storage

Packaging equipment

Aged care equipment

Medical equipment

Aged care equipment



Fixtures and fittings

Rental furniture


Hot water systems

Beauty product

Medical equipment


Farm equipment