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LS2000 Long Span Shelving

Many companies have trouble making the most of their available space.

If you’re looking for a storage solution suitable for small to mid-sized products and you need simple stock picking accessibility, Erect-A-Rack has the answer you’re looking for.

LS2000 long span shelving is the long and strong solution to fix shelving storage headaches. It’s easy to install, easily adjustable and requires no nuts or bolts

Long Span Shelving Suits:

  • High density storage of small parts
  • Light and medium duty loads
  • Archiving of documents, plans, files, etc.
  • Retail display shelving
  • Lighter duty racking system suitable for small to medium sized goods

Benefits of LS2000 long span shelving:

Erect-A-Rack’s long span shelving is very popular with Melbourne businesses that have light loads and are looking for easy-to-install shelving solutions. Its benefits include:

  • Special stepped beam profile allows true protection of flush fitting shelf inserts
  • Easily incorporated into Pallet Racking and Raised Storage Systems or use separately
  • Versatile system offering many accessories and storage display options
  • Sturdy and efficient storage system for archive boxes, hardware products and apparel amongst others
  • It is designed to support 4000kgs per bay and 450kgs per shelf level UDL
  • Commonly supplied with 18mm thick particle board recessed into the beams (customers can choose steel and wire shelves as an alternative enabling the versatility for each solution and it requirements)
  • Long span shelving can easily be converted in raised storage areas for high density storage and large scale order picking systems

LS2000 Long Span Shelving Specifications.


Height Width Depth
2000 mm 1000 mm – 1200kgs UDL 450 mm
2500 mm 1500 mm – 1000kgs UDL 600 mm
1800 mm – 1000kgs UDL 800 mm
2100 mm – 1000kgs UDL 900 mm
2400 mm – 1000kgs UDL 1000 mm

Shelf Types

  • Recessed 18mm thick particle Boards
  • Wire Mesh
  • Galvanised Steel Skin
Long Span Shelving

Frequently Asked Questions

What is long span shelving used for?

Long span shelving is used for small to medium items stored by hand on shelves. It is a great solution to use in the home garage, office storerooms for achieve storage, and warehouses for picking parts and small to medium items.

How much weight can I put on long span shelves?

Depending on the beam length you can store between 270kgs – 1200kgs per level and 4000kgs per bay. Most hand-stored items will never exceed the shelf load used for this application.

Can I install long span shelving myself?

Yes, long span shelving is DIY installation and all you need is a soft hammer to install yourself. The beams clip into the frames using safety pins and the particle boards fit snug into the recessed beams.

Is long span shelving versatile?

Yes, you can add on to at any time, adjust shelf levels and relocate with ease. The frames allow easy addon bays at any time and the 60mm lug centers allow multiple levels to be added and changed at any time. There are also many custom attachments that can be made and supplied for your specific needs.

Are long span frames pre-assembled?

All long span frames are pre-assembled in our warehouse prior to dispatch unless otherwise specified. The uprights are bolted together using horizontal and diagonal braces as different depths depending on your requirements.

What length bays does long span shelving come in?

The most common beam lengths are 1000mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, and 2400mm long. These custom lengths will accommodate just about any configuration that you would need. Custom length beams can be ordered if required for custom applications.

How much does Long Span Shelving Cost?

Prices for long span shelving start from $160.00 Inc GST per bay (2000mm high x 1000mm wide x 450mm deep with 3 particle board shelf levels). Every project is costed for the most economical layout to give you the best value for money. Our team will always provide the best configuration and price for your required project.

What shelf material comes with long span shelving?

A standard recessed 18mm thick particle board is supplied, as it is the most durable and cost-effective decking option. However if you have a different requirement, we also supply mesh shelves, steel shelves, and Gal Steel Skins if required for additional costs.

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