Garage Storage Solutions

Garage Storage Solutions Melbourne

With garage storage space currently at a premium, optimising and maximising your current space is essential. At Erect-A-Rack, we stock top-quality garage storage solutions including shelving, storage racking and workbenches that are ideal for any size garage, workshop or shed. Whether you’re just looking for a safe, long-lasting and practical garage storage solution for your equipment, tools and accessories, or hoping to personalise your space for any other purpose, we can help. For an all out renovation, opt for one of our garage storage mezzanines to optimise vertical space.

Our tough, all-inclusive garage storage systems are designed to hold heavy loads, so you won’t need to worry about buckling, collapsing or wear and tear. Our steel shelving won’t deteriorate, rot or rust either, unlike traditional aluminium, wood or plastic shelving that can be found through other suppliers.

High-Quality Garage Storage Systems in Melbourne

Our versatile garage storage comes in a wide range of styles, lengths, widths and heights to suit every need.
Our modular products fit together to make even the most awkward spaces useful, efficient, safe and appealing.
Our collection of garage essentials includes:

Garage Shelving Solutions

Our garage shelving solutions are designed to encompass everything you could ever need from your garage workspace. We work directly with our customers to identify their unique needs and develop solutions that work specifically for their space.

Garage Steel Shelves

For durable shelving that can withstand anything you need to store, choose our garage steel shelves. Made from high quality steel, these shelves will stand the test of time and withstand all your business and personal activities.

Garage Storage Racking

Optimal organisation and storage starts with installing a racking system you can rely on. Our storage racking can be customised to the items you wish to store and makes your inventory easily accessible.

Garage Workbenches

Turn your garage into the workspace you need with one of our durable workbenches. Made for varying heights and uses, our garage workbenches are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the toughest of activities.

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