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Safety is vital in the operations of a business, especially in warehousing. If you and your staff don’t know what state your pallet racking system is in at any given time how can you be certain that it’s a safe work environment? For this reason, Erect-A-Rack has designed and published a Pallet Racking Inspection Log Book. By using and maintaining this Log Book anyone within your company can be kept up to date and aware of the condition of your warehouses pallet racking at any given time.

Warehouse pallet racking systems are designed to hold thousands of tons in weight to suit many different types of pallets and products. It is a known fact that once you apply a forklift and operator to the equation, that there is bound to be accidents between forklifts and racks. Some of these accidents can end in a rack collapse if not reported and fixed in time.

By completing a monthly pallet racking inspection logbook, you will benefit from:

Increased awareness against pallet racking damage.
Damaged items repaired or replaced before accidents occur.
Lower maintenance costs and down time.
Awareness of unsafe work practices.
Creating a safer working environment.
Leading by example.
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