Fencing mesh is an important part of business operations, warehouses and workshops. From protecting goods in inventory to design and functionality purposes in business operations, there are endless uses of fence mesh, making it a favourite amongst businesses across Australia.

At Erect-A-Rack, we are one of the leading suppliers of storage solutions and materials to businesses in Melbourne and the surrounding area. Our showroom is fully stocked and our turnaround times on delivery items are fast, allowing you to get back to business as soon as possible.

Explore the Uses of Fencing Mesh

As a versatile building material, our durable mesh can be used on projects of all sizes. From workplace fences and perimeter marking, our mesh can create fences that last for years to come. Mesh can also be used to create barriers around machinery such as generators and industrial machinery to prevent workplace incidents without limiting ventilation and airflow. For inventory management, our mesh fence panels can protect inventory from movement during storage and transport by securing existing pallet racking systems in place. Whichever project your business is undertaking, we have customised solutions to supply you with what you need.

Heavy-Duty Mesh Panels

Choosing a high-quality fencing mesh is imperative if you plan on using it to hold inventory in place or for durable purposes as breakage can result in costly replacements and additional workload. With thick mesh and high weight capacity, our fencing material is designed to withstand rigorous use and can hold up to daily business operations with ease. At Erect-A-Rack, we stock heavy-duty mesh panels that are durable and versatile, making them the perfect choice for your business.

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