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Work Safety

Why is a Warehouse Safety Audit Essential for Your Business?

It is incredibly easy to become so consumed in our work, that we forget to consider how our equipment is fairing amidst the extended wear and tear found in most warehouses. In fact, it is very common to hear many owners of warehouses in the industry merely

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Dangers of Overloading Pallet Racking Systems

When business is booming, one of the few downsides is the growing decline of available space in your warehouse. The thought of slowing down, taking less orders, or spending more money to accommodate rising demands can be an off-putting notion, as it could potentially jeopardise the profits

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Identifying Fire Safety Hazards in Your Warehouse – Prevention and Cure

Whether your warehouse is custom built, a basement, multi-storey, commercial, industrial, or compact – Part of your responsibility is to ensure the fire safety of the building and its people and contents. Read on to find out more about going beyond compliance to ensure an efficient and

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Beat the Heat

We all enjoy the warm weather that comes with Summer. It’s the season of barbeques, beach days, and heat waves. But if we’re not careful, the warm weather can become deadly.

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6 Common Injuries & Accidents that Occur in the Workplace

Unfortunately, injuries and accidents are not always a rare occurrence in the workplace. When we think of workplace injuries and accidents more often than not we tend to think of accidents causing casualties and fatalities.

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Forklift Safety

There are many potential risks when working with forklifts, they have caused more deaths and injuries within the workplace than any other piece of equipment.

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How to Save a Life: Pallet Racking Inspections

The majority of pallet racking incidents are, for the most part, preventable. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

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Not All Rules Were Made To Be Broken

Unfortunately, in the workplace a lot of things have the potential to go wrong. This can lead to anything from a near miss incident to a serious injury, or worse.
This is where safety standards and rules come into play. While we may not always like to follow the rules. These are rules that should never be broken.

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Safety Still A Priority

Even though workplace safety has significantly improved over the years, there is still a need to continually improve safety procedures in the workplace.

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Safe Manual Handling

Manual Handling and safety go hand in hand. Incorrect techniques when lifting and carrying heavy loads can have a serious impact not only on your back, but your general health and wellbeing too. Using the right methods to lift, carry and move heavy objects in the workplace can save you a world of pain.

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