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Storage Solutions for Awkwardly Shaped Stock

If you’ve been working in the materials handling industry, you’d know that some stock is much harder to store than others. Whether they’re awkwardly shaped, incredibly long, or an irregular shape, it’s difficult to find a racking solution that neatly and safely stores these items. In this

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What Are Conveyer Systems?

If you don’t know them by name, you’d certainly know them by sight. Conveyer systems are a staple in warehouses across Australia and worldwide, particularly in industries that specialise in material-handling and assembly lines. They are a system that is designed for efficiently moving products and materials

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Workbenches: Not Just For Work!

Not just for work or the warehouse! Erect-A-Rack heavy duty workbenches are perfect for helping to keep you organised and on track for all your weekend projects, be they big or small.

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