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Cantilever Pallet Racking

Revolutionise your Melbourne Business with Our Cantilever Pallet Racking for Sale

Cantilever Racks are a popular pack handling solution for storing awkward, bulky, irregular shaped or long-length loads. Cantilever racking provides an ideal solution for the storage of plasterboard, timber, furniture, carpet rolls, timber packs, pipes, steel bars and more.

Both the light and heavy versions of cantilever pallet racking offer the versatility of adjustable levels (arms) on one or both sides of the fully independent structure. In high volume or multi-product/SKU environments, Cantilever racks provide excellent operational and space-saving efficiencies.

Both light duty and heavy-duty cantilever racking structures are available with different depths, heights and load capacities.

  • Cantilever racks are ideal for the storage of awkward, bulky, long and irregular-shaped items.
  • Cantilever racks offer problem-free height adjustment.
  • The cantilever reel shelving is designed to provide a simple and safe solution for the storage of these items.

Cantilever Racks Benefits

Erect-A-Rack’s cantilever racking solutions are an economical and practical approach to industrial shelving. Available in both single and double-sided arrangements, cantilever racking solutions:

  • Are easy to assemble.
  • Provide an excellent space-solution storage solution.
  • Are extremely strong and durable.
  • Can be configured to meet specific client needs.
  • Offer easy access to products regardless of their shape and size.

Specifications of Cantilever Pallet Racking for Sale

  • Made from high quality structural steel with strength and durability.
  • Offer unlimited adjustability via storage arms.
  • Can tolerate heavy weight items.
  • They are fast to assemble or re-assemble.
  • Cost-effective pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cantilever racking system?

Cantilever racking is a self-supporting handling solution for storing bulky, irregularly shaped or long-length loads. These systems are ideal for holding timber, plasterboard, furniture, pipes, steel bars, carpet rolls plus a range of other products and materials. Customers can choose from either light or heavy versions based on their needs.

What is a cantilever shelf?

Designed to provide a safe and simple storage solution for awkward items, cantilever shelving is a popular option for warehouses. Cantilever shelving is used to improve the efficiency of a warehouse and can carry a wide range of long-length items. These products are made from high-quality structural steel for extreme strength and durability.

How do you make a cantilever rack?

Cantilever racks are best installed by a professional team that can take into account your storage needs and the layout of your warehouse or factory. Expert installers will adjust the arms of the cantilever racks and position them to allow for easy access and to maintain integrity of the beams. This will ensure that your cantilever racks are safe and strong enough for all storage requirements.

How do you measure a cantilever rack?

Anyone looking to measure for a cantilever rack will need to take into account the length of the items that are to be stored. Doing so will prevent deflection of the beams and ensure that your setup is able to safely hold materials. As a basic rule, the load should overhang the outer or end arms by approximately half the distance of how far apart the upright posts are.

How much weight can a cantilever support?

The amount of weight that a cantilever can support will vary based on how far apart the arms are positioned. More arms positioned within a small distance can support more weight. For example, to hold 6m lengths of wood planks with a pack weight of 1,000kg, you could use four arms to support the load, with each carrying 250kg.

How do you calculate cantilever load?

You can calculate cantilever load based on the distance and amount of arms that you use. The arms act as a support for the structure and ensure that it can adequately hold the materials in place. More arms allow for more weight, while less arms allow for less weight. Always speak with an expert for the best advice when it comes to calculating cantilever loads.

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