Cantilever Pallet Racking

Flexible Storage with Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing bulky, awkward or irregularly shaped objects that are difficult to place in conventional shelving. This type of heavy-duty shelving is often found as a storage source in timber yards, but is also universally found in many other industries.

This type of design for your industrial building is an exceptional solution for holding plasterboard, pipes, timber, furniture and carpet rolls, and many other materials. For this reason, we continue to offer these products as the number one choice in Melbourne. Plus, the versatility of our cantilever racking systems means you can use them for storage, or even handling even the heaviest loads.

Our expert team are committed to customising our services to meet your specific requirements and help you discover how our products can streamline your warehouse organisational practices.

Medium Duty Cantilever

Medium Duty Cantilever Racking is ideal for long bulky lightweight loads. Most suitable for hand stacked materials in workshops, manufacturing of suppliers. If you are a tradesperson looking to store your long materials with easy access this is the solution for you. With arm lengths at 700mm, 900mm and 1200mm, this system covers all material options.

Erect A Rack has large quantities of Cantilever Racking ready for your needs.

Medium Duty Cantilever Sizes

Column Heights
Column Spacings C/C
Arm Length
700mm (600kgs)
900mm (480kgs)
1200mm (270kgs)
Medium Duty Cantilever Racking | Erect- A-Rack

Heavy Duty Cantilever

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking is found in warehouses where handling equipment is required to load heavy long materials into each arm level. With single 900mm arms able to support up to 1200kgs each, the storage options are endless. The 305mm deep columns are also designed to support heavy loads making Cantilever Racking one of the most versatile warehouse storage systems.

Every configuration supplied is designed and engineered to ensure it suits your requirements. If you require Cantilever Racking outside, we also have a galvanised option in both Heavy Duty and Medium Duty cantilevers.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Sizes

Column Heights
Column Spacings C/C
Arm Length
900mm (1200kgs)
1200mm (1020kgs)

Key Features of Our Cantilever Racks for Sale – New and Used

These shelves have side bilateral, unilateral or combined loading capabilities and are available as medium-duty or heavy-duty. Each set consists of bracings, arms and two bases, and its easy assemblage means you can do the set-up yourself or use one of our experienced team.

Our cantilever racking system is known for its versatility, value for money and featured qualities, which include being:

Fully adjustable

Ideal for heavy loads

Increase availability of vertical space

Improve access & handling time

Improve productivity

Easy to assemble

Along with these many features, our pallet racks are powder-coated, and hot-dipped galvanised, making their usability possible indoors and outdoors.

This shelving solution is also the choice of many because of its independent structure with flexible adjustable arms, enabling them to be easily used for bigger loads. All our structural steel products are made from quality materials to ensure our shelving is long-lasting and stands up to the rigours of an industrial environment.

New& Used Stock for Quality & Functionality

When you seek the assistance of our experienced technicians, the layout of your space and the type of storage you require is carefully considered. We choose from our fully customisable shelves and racks to manage the needs of any warehouse, including yours.

Your space is measured, and we carefully consider the purpose for which the shelves will be used daily and the budget you have to work within. It’s crucial to make the best use of your building height while ensuring you have the right machinery to reach those top shelves safely. Before any final decisions are confirmed, our specialists can assist you with your measurements to ensure optimum usability.

While we offer various configurations and structure options for this system, we are well-known for supplying heavy-duty products that are highly functional.

We welcome your questions about new or used shelving in Melbourne or across other states within Australia. You can also download our brochure for detailed information on each of our products, installation and relocation services.

Buy the best and most reliable workplace storage solutions from us to stay organised and help you do business better with streamlined practices.

The timber racking benefit

Cantilever systems work particularly well for timber racking. When it comes to material like timber, it’s vital that proper storage is maintained. This ensures longer shelf life, reduces wastage and ultimately retains the bottom line of your business.

The cantilever method will both facilitate better protection and increase storage capacity while freeing up floor space for timber racking. The racking system works as it caters to storing long items horizontally. Timber is best stored in a horizontal arrangement where the risk of sagging or bowing is significantly reduced. Cantilever racking also allows better air circulation and along with less weight placed on the timber, helping to preserve its condition.

Specifications of Cantilever Pallet Racking for Sale

Made from high quality structural steel with strength and durability.

Offer unlimited adjustability via storage arms.

Can tolerate heavy weight items.

They are fast to assemble or re-assemble.

Cost-effective pricing.

Why work with Erect-A-Rack

If your business is looking to find reliable solutions to improve the productivity and organisation of your warehouse or storage facility, Erect-A-Rack has every piece of equipment you could possibly need.

Whether it’s steel pipes or timber racking, we’re proud of the effort we put into finding the right solutions for our customers. With clients of all sizes all across Melbourne, we’ve made our name by taking the time to speak with each of our customers and listening to what they have to say.

With unmatched industry knowledge and expertise, we have all the necessary ingredients to get you the results that you need, delivering the best services possible. Shift up the way you do business today by getting in contact with any of our friendly staff.

Cantilever Racking | Erect- A-Rack

What should you pay attention to when purchasing Cantilever Racking?

In your design you should be considering the height of the existing building and the reach of your forklift. This will dictate the cantilever racking systems that can fit in the upright size of your space.

Another way to design the cantilever shelves is to choose the arm size and stick with it. If you know the size of your products and there will never be any variation on those measurements then you’re set. Your products will need clearance of 200mm so that they are not overloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cantilever racking system?

Cantilever racking is a self-supporting handling solution for storing bulky, irregularly shaped or long-length loads. These systems are ideal for holding timber, plasterboard, furniture, pipes, steel bars, carpet rolls plus a range of other products and materials. Customers can choose from either light or heavy versions based on their needs.

What is a cantilever shelf?

Designed to provide a safe and simple storage solution for awkward items, cantilever shelving is a popular option for warehouses. Cantilever shelving is used to improve the efficiency of a warehouse and can carry a wide range of long-length items. These products are made from high-quality structural steel for extreme strength and durability.

How do you make a cantilever rack?

Cantilever racks are best installed by a professional team that can take into account your storage needs and the layout of your warehouse or factory. Expert installers will adjust the arms of the cantilever racks and position them to allow for easy access and to maintain integrity of the beams. This will ensure that your cantilever racks are safe and strong enough for all storage requirements.

How do you measure a cantilever rack?

Anyone looking to measure for a cantilever rack will need to take into account the length of the items that are to be stored. Doing so will prevent deflection of the beams and ensure that your setup is able to safely hold materials. As a basic rule, the load should overhang the outer or end arms by approximately half the distance of how far apart the upright posts are.

How much weight can a cantilever support?

The amount of weight that a cantilever can support will vary based on how far apart the arms are positioned. More arms positioned within a small distance can support more weight. For example, to hold 6m lengths of wood planks with a pack weight of 1,000kg, you could use four arms to support the load, with each carrying 250kg.

How do you calculate cantilever load?

You can calculate cantilever load based on the distance and amount of arms that you use. The arms act as a support for the structure and ensure that it can adequately hold the materials in place. More arms allow for more weight, while less arms allow for less weight. Always speak with an expert for the best advice when it comes to calculating cantilever loads.

What type of Cantilever Racking do you supply?

At Erect-A-Rack we offer the most heavy duty models of cantilever racking systems you can buy. Also available is our lighter duty models that aren’t able to have as much weight on them. Both options come powder coated and hot-dipped galvanised for indoor and outdoor use.

Which Cantilever System is Best for My Needs?

Erect-A-Rack’s heavy duty cantilever racks and light duty cantilever racks are fully customisable and are able to suit the needs of just about anything you can think of when it comes to warehouse storage solutions. Our highly experienced staff are waiting to hear from you to answer any of your questions. We can customise you a solution that works best for your measurements, purpose and budget. The types of product that you need to store will also need to be considered when choosing the best cantilever racking in Melbourne.

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