When warehouses are looking for exceptional, adaptable decking solutions, many are turning to MantaMESH™. A relatively established name in the market, there are still many who are unaware of this product. Erect-A-Rack offers MantaMESH™ to customers across Australia, and in this blog, we discuss how it can be applied and which industries can utilise it.

What is MantaMESH™?

MantaMESH™ is one of the leading wire decking brands on the market. Designed and manufactured in Australia, it meets strict quality standards and is independently certified to comply with ANSI MH26.2-2007. It also provides exceptional fire safety and does not warp or sag over time. A highly durable product, MantaMESH™ has the added benefit of being largely maintenance-free.

How can it be applied?

MantaMESH™ is totally configurable, with many different designs and channel profiles available. With a ride range of accessories available, it can be adapted to suit standard and non-standard racking systems or canterlever racking. It can be customised to allow for deep racks and stand-offs.

This product can be used in a variety of applications, from small parts archiving to pallet racking installation in Melbourne. Like other industrial storage solutions offered at Erect-A-Rack, MantaMESH™ can be used to store awkwardly-shaped stock, which is why it’s a standard feature in warehouses and storerooms across Australia.MantaMESH™ is also a popular choice for colder environments, such as cool rooms and freezers, allowing for different configurations to store a variety of products.

MantaMESH™ is designed with OH&S standards at the forefront which is why it features a safety edge – eliminating the typically sharper edges of standard mesh decks. This makes it the ideal product for narrow aisles and stock-picking applications, protecting workers from scratches and other injuries.

Which industries can benefit from it?

Many warehouses across Australia utilise MantaMESH™ for product and pallet storage, valuable for its adaptable capabilities. Outside of the storage and material-handling industries, MantaMESH™is also used in retail and hospitality industries, particularly in food storage areas. Many supermarkets and restaurant kitchens install these mesh shelves in walk-in cool rooms and freezers.

Speak to the Erect-A-Rack team about MantaMESH™

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