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What Type of Shelving is Best for Retail?

Whether your business is a supermarket, a shoe shop, or a pharmacy, the way you stack products on your shelf can mean the difference between making a sale and the customer leaving your store frustrated because the item they needed was too hard to locate.

So, what type of shelving works best for your store? Shelf space is worth more than gold in the retail sphere, so choosing a shelving solution that optimises the available room is vital. In this blog, Erect-A-Rack discusses the best shelves for retail businesses.

Which businesses are classed as retail?

It can be difficult to classify retail. Unlike hospitality, which is geared more towards the food service and customer experience industries, retail can be explained with this concept: the actions related to the sale of products and services to a customer. This isn’t a narrow spectrum; everything from your local milk bar and all the way up to international giants like IKEA are classified as retail businesses.

Aisle stocking

Regardless of whether your daily income in $100 or $1m, if you’re a retail store then you need shelves. For supermarkets and other brick-and-mortar stores (not online retailers), having appropriate aisle shelving is important. Categorising related products – flour and sugar, long-life milk and coffee, dishwashing and laundry detergents – will allow you to plot out their proximity in specific, dedicated aisles, and to figure out what kind of shelves you’ll require.

Many retailers opt for gondola shelving as it is freestanding, versatile, and attractive. Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, it can be customised to meet your requirements and is perfect for displaying groceries, apparel, hardware, and sporting goods.

Stockroom storage

The stockroom doesn’t need to be as aesthetically pleasing as the store, so shelving can become more practical. Stockrooms will typically be storing products in bulk, meaning that the shelving needs to be stronger and able to withstand greater weights. Long span shelving is easy to install and is ideal for light or medium duty loads.

Cool rooms & fridges

When our customers are looking for cool room shelving, we recommend MantaMesh™. It is suitable for small cartons and odd-shaped pallets and is highly durable and maintenance-free – even when exposed to colder temperatures.

Want to discuss your options? Get in touch with the team at Erect-A-Rack, and we’ll go through the shelving solutions that will suit your retail business best.

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