Warehouse racking or shelving has come a long way these past few decades. You can now pick and choose from a wide range of shelf types, pallet racking systems, and storage options. Out of the many different shelving solutions, high-density storage is probably the most advanced. In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at this specific shelving solution and we discuss why you should consider it for your small warehouse.

What Is High-Density Storage?

High-density storage or powered racking is a type of storage concept that allows you to store away the largest possible quality of products or goods in the smallest amount of available space. This type of storage solution might not leave a lot of freedom for movement but it is a terrific warehousing solution for those with lots of goods to store and little place to put them.

These types of storage racks are usually powered with selected pallets mounted on mobile bases so they can be moved around. The ability to move the racks around makes it a little bit easier to gain access to all of your products despite being limited n space.

Top Reasons To Get High-Density Storage Racks

High-density storage racks might not be a suitable solution for everyone. These racking systems are quite pricey to install and, since they consume energy to move around, the maintenance costs tend to be higher than your traditional shelf or rack. Because of the higher installation and maintenance costs, most only install these types of racks when they are truly limited in space. But these racks do offer plenty of additional advantages like the following.

Increased Floor Space

Because the shelving units are mobile, they can easily be moved out of the way into compact zones. This is helpful for clearing up some floor space so you can move around more comfortably despite housing an abundance of products and goods. It becomes much easier to move large and bulky items like furniture, desks, or order pickers around in your warehouse when you can move all the racks to one side.

Double or triple storage capacity

The shelves or racks are designed to stand closely together and there is no need to create wide open spaces between racks. With these types of systems, you can fit twice or even three times as many racks or goods into your warehouse.

Improved Organization

Any warehouse or shelf can become a complete mess if you don’t keep them organised. But these shelves do make it easier to keep an organised front. You can keep these types of warehouses organised by storing goods by category. Label each mobile rack clearly and you will easily find anything you are looking for.

Easier Accessibility

At first glance, it does seem like accessibility becomes limited because the shelves do need to be moved around before you can gain access to goods. But the opposite is actually true. The mobile shelves can easily slide out of the easy so you can make way for other types of equipment like an order picker or trolley. This is much more ideal for heavier items that need to be moved in and out of the warehouse.

Enhanced Safety

A lot of technology goes into the development of these shelves to ensure their stability. This reduces the risk of tipping over. These shelves also tend to be safer since you can move them out of the way so you can use order pickers or other lifting equipment inside your aisles. There is no need for employees to strain themselves to reach objects or to lift items onto or from the shelves.

High-density storage solutions might not be for everyone but they can be a wonderful solution for those who are limited on space. Give Erect a Rack a call if you want to find out more about automated pallet racking solutions and the possibility of getting them installed at your warehouse or company.