Cantilever Pallet Racking is a pack handling solution for storing awkward, bulky, irregular-shaped, or long-length loads that don’t typically comply with standing racking systems. A hugely popular racking solution, Cantilever Racks have become the smarter choice for storing items and materials that usually are a source of frustration such as plasterboard, timber, furniture, carpet rolls, timber packs, pipes, and steel bars.

Cantilever Pallet racking is a fully independent structure that comes in two versions – heavy and light – and offers users the option of adjusting the levels (arms) on one or both sides. Cantilever Pallet Racks are a versatile and space-saving option for high volume environments, or workplaces that identify as multi-product.

cantilever pallet racking with yellow lift truck

How will Cantilever Pallet Racking benefit my business?

Are you looking for a pallet racking system in Melbourne that will revolutionise your business? Do you need one that is flexible in terms of height, depth, and load capacities? Are awkward loads clogging up your space?

Cantilever Pallet racks are a worthwhile choice from every angle: they’re easy to assemble, they’re economical, available in single- and double-sided arrangements, and can be configured to meet your specific needs. Strong and durable, the racks are made from high-quality materials to support heavy items, and most importantly, have cost-effective pricing. They take advantage of high wall space that might otherwise go to waste, and can be easily added to as your needs grow.

Our Cantilever racks also boast reel shelving that is specifically designed to provide simple and safe storage for your items or other materials. They are designed to allow loads to be handled with lifting systems like mobile and stacker cranes, and lift trucks. The combination of the vertical and horizontal beams provide outstanding stability, ensuring your load will be stored safely.

Why should you choose us to provide your racking solution?

At Erect-A-Rack, our mission has always been to help businesses and industries maximise their storage capacity so they can serve more customers, and ultimately increase their profits. We test all of our products thoroughly, because your safety is our priority. With more than 25 years in the materials handling and warehouse industry, we’re a leading supplier of cost effective warehouse shelves.

We have all the equipment your business needs to thrive in your industry. Contact us on 1300 788 916 to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable racking staff, or make an online enquiry.

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