Top Tips to Consider When Relocating Your Warehouse

Choosing the right warehouse

Opting for the right space is the first important step. It’s important that you choose a new warehouse that can sustain your capacity for the next 5-10 years or more. Your company’s growth should be taken into account when you’re looking at a warehouse relocation. Existing pallet racking systems should be able to accommodate your new warehouse and ideally should have enough room for more pallet racking options.

Having the right warehouse relocation plan set up

The next step is to plan your actual move. This means organising and executing your warehouse relocation plan, from the beginning to the end. The process should involve arranging all important materials and tools, disconnecting and reconnecting utilities, among other things. More importantly, you should make note to check regarding any permits or inspections that may be required at the new warehouse.

Check your moving company’s credentials

It’s also important that you do your checks when employing warehouse relocation services. After all, your warehouse is where you keep all your essentials for safekeeping. The last thing you want to do is get into trouble with relocation because of a third party. So it always helps to do a bit of research before utilising warehouse relocation services.

For starters, does the company have a license to operate? Does its profile and reputation hold up? Getting through these checks ensures that you get your money’s worth and your efforts go unwasted. You should also verify the moving company’s insurance coverage. It’s ideal to have insurance in case any mishap occurs during the move.

Optimising new warehouse operations

Going for a new warehouse gives you the opportunity to optimise your existing warehouse structure. There is always room for improvement in terms of having the ideal warehouse setting that can not only accommodate more storage, but also offers improved efficiency in operations. This could mean reorganising your pallet racking inspection to optimise the flow or build a new system all together.

Cut down your losses

A warehouse relocation will interrupt your regular business operations. This translates to potential losses for your organisation. There are few things you can do to minimise this situation. One process you could follow is to continue shipping from your current warehouse and receive goods at the new location. This ensures your operations continue functioning instead of coming to a halt owing to the relocation.

Product loss and theft are also a possibility. This can be mitigated by shrink wrapping your inventory where possible and utilising sequential scanning.

Changing your address

Last but not least, you should also remember to update your address as soon as your new location is confirmed. Part of the reason for your relocation is to accommodate your company’s growth trajectory. This won’t be possible if your customers and suppliers can’t find you.

Looking for a pallet racking and shelving solution?

Hopefully, the above warehouse relocation checklist helps with your own process.
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