Installing new warehouse shelving can be a pricey endeavor and a lot of business owners will try to cut corners and skip out on warehouse design layout. This can be a huge mistake for your company because, while you might save a little bit of money right now, an ineffective warehouse layout can end up costing you a small fortune in the long run.

Warehouse design services can offer your business a great many benefits. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best reasons to hire professional designers when you are busy setting up a new warehouse.

Maximize Capacity

Professional designers will help you calculate a proper shelf size and the exact number of shelves you can fit into your warehouse without restricting mobility too much. With their help, you will utilize every square meter that your warehouse has to offer so there will be enough space to fit all of your products and goods.

Enhanced Safety

It can be dangerous to move heavy equipment or pallet racks around in a warehouse with lots of tower-design racks. If the isles are too crowded or if the racks are not sturdy enough, it can easily result in collisions between equipment or dropped goods. This can result in a lot of property damage and can even pose a huge safety risk for employees or forklift operators. When your warehouse is well-designed, everyone will maintain good visibility through isles and around corners, the shelves will be able to handle your specific goods and your overall floor safety will be increased.

Increased Productivity

Warehouses that are too cluttered or that have lots of narrow isles can be difficult to navigate and it can be time-consuming to locate and retrieve what you might be looking for. Employees will be able to work much more efficiently if your warehouse has a decent layout with lots of accessible routes for order pickers or forklifts. Your productivity will also be increased when your layout accommodates the type of goods you have so you can stock similar items together for quicker retrieval.

Reduced Operational Costs

Warehouses that are designed properly tend to offer a lot of long-term operational cost benefits. Employees can find what they are looking for with ease and won’t miss out on any sales. Stock will be much safer on the shelves and the risk of damaged goods is significantly reduced. Growing businesses will also save a lot of money because a well-designed warehouse allows for some flexibility so the company can switch between product types without spending more on re-designing their warehouse layout. All in all, your well-designed layout can end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Proper Presentation Before Installation

Another great benefit of hiring professionals is that you will get a good visualization of what your warehouse will look like before you even buy a single shelf. You will be able to determine the right mix of shelves, racks, and accessibility space and you can see what the entire floor plan will look like from the design plans. Business owners can get a much better idea of what working in the environment will be like and can make appropriate changes before investing in physical warehousing accessories. This can help you avoid costly mistakes.

If you want to enjoy all of these and many other benefits then you should give Erect-A-Rack a call. These racking specialists won’t just assist you with the full warehouse layout design, they can also help with the construction and installation of high-quality shelves that suits your design and products perfectly.