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Tips to Choosing the Right Racking Company

With over 60 years of experience you learn a thing or two about your competitors in addition to how, why and what people choose or look for in a racking company. We have noticed that some customers work with a racking company that might’ve done a terrible job or gets the job done but doesn’t optimise your space properly. The point is… you wouldn’t even know until somebody pointed it out!

With our experience it is clear to see the red flags and some things you should look out for.

How experienced is the company?

When racking companies are claiming how long they have been working for it is legitimate because when they have been working for – they mean it. It is illegal to make misleading advertising claims as this leaves a false impression on the consumer. So when we say we have over 60 years of experience we mean it.

The more experience a company has, the more likely it is that they have found an efficient process for building and set up. Knowing how to minimise and deal with issues that are likely to arise and the perfect formula to balance quality and price for every customer.

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It is second nature for pallet racking products to be customisable. Good pallet racking companies will give you a wide variety of products and the ability to customise the pallet racking. This is at the heart of understanding that every business and industry is different and therefore their storage needs will always be different.

The different things you can customise are weight, length, shape, size of storage space needed and height.

The major benefit of offering a customisable product is that it allows your business to make any minor changes, plan for future growth and the ability to add a completely different system on top of your current one.

So, when looking for a good pallet racking company, look at their products and whether it is customisable.

The Services

Yes, the quality of the product and what it can do for you is just as important for determining a good company. Something that gets overlooked is the extra services they provide.

In many cases, the business or industry may not have the knowledge or resources to help optimise your storage space. However, a good racking company will include a variety of services that help guide you through the process and even lead to This may include services from visualising and efficiently designing a storage system plan, installation, relocation and inspection services.

When pallet racking company offers services such as these it indicates a commitment to businesses that they want to not only create storage products but to deliver effective storage solutions that work from then on and to the future.

What is their warranty on their product?

When looking at a pallet racking company’s product, after the pictures and descriptions the first thing to look for is mention of a warranty. This usually indicates the quality of the racking systems. The more years there are on a warranty the more likely the racking system is high quality. Since some pallet racking companies might offer the same products, you can compare their warranty to determine for yourself how good a product is.

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