A proper workbench is a must-have for every garage or workshop. These benches give you a large surface to position products you might be working on or items you might be busy repairing. With a good workbench, you can work with ease without straining your back and it becomes much easier to keep the items you are working on organised and clean.

It is important to think carefully before ordering or buying a workbench. There are many different types of work tables and benches available and not all of them will provide you with the comfort and efficiency you need for tough jobs. 

Here is a quick look at the key things to consider when you are buying a new work table for your workshop. 

Type Of Worktop

One of the most important factors to consider is the worktop materials. Workbenches can be made with all sorts of worktops such as iron, particle board, MDF, melamine, or even stainless steel. All of these can provide you with a very solid surface to work on and can look quite appealing. 

For projects that always result in a lot of mess, it might be best to focus on a worktop that is tarnished and stain resistant like raw steel or stainless steel. These materials might be more expensive but won’t absorb any oils and are easy to wipe clean. If you need a workbench that is light so you can easily move it around then it might be better to go with a melamine bench top. Wooden or particle board workbench tops can, however, be suitable for other types of projects like crafting, hobbies, or woodworking.

Consider Capacity

The capacity of the workbench is also an important factor to consider. The capacity is the maximum weight laid your workbench is able to support. This is usually referred to as the UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) capacity. It is always better to select a workbench that has a greater capacity than the things you might want to put on your table. For light trade activities, a 250kg UDL capacity should be just fine. But if you are working on heavier objects like machinery or engines then it is best to invest in something with a UDL capacity of over 500kg.

Work Bench Size

It can be difficult to determine a good workbench size. You will need something that offers a large surface to work on but it shouldn’t take up too much space in your workshop. Ideally, you should be able to move around the bench with ease so you can work comfortably from all sides or move with ease while handling wired power tools. For many, a slimmer and longer workbench is also more suitable compared to something that is short and wide so you won’t have to struggle to reach tools on the other side of the table.


Most work stations are designed with at least one shelve underneath the worktop. This shelf is ideal for storing tools while you are working. A workbench with an island design can be a great option for spacious garages or workstations. But if you are limited on space then it might be better to get a work bench that you can push against the wall. Wall-positioned work benches can also be designed with upper shelves where you can place smaller items like hand tools or a work lamp. 

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