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The Future of Storage Systems is in Automation

In Australia, the business climate is rapidly growing, with a greater demand for efficiency to be able to meet the consumer’s needs. There is automation in almost everything, and now it is coming to warehousing storage solutions. To future proof your business, not only do you need to consider careful planning and designs by racking specialists, but to begin investing into innovative storage solutions. Eventually, traditional solutions will become outdated and businesses that don’t catch up will be left behind.

Automated Warehouse Solutions

Here are a few reasons why you might want to look into automation in the future:

Easier to Control

As the system suggests, everything is automated and works automatically for you and your inventory needs. Because the system runs off a railing system, little to no human interaction is needed to load or unload pallets. Once the programmed automated process is done, the system resets and works to the next pallet you may need. In short, you will cut costs in the long run and the amount of time spent micro managing your storage system.

Can Work Under any Pressure

There is in need of a robust storage system that can support your businesses daily. Automated storage systems are designed to operate high capacity, heavy weighted inventory, and has the capacity to withstand extreme temperature conditions. As a result, your automate storage system in the long run becomes a reliable and future proof storage solution.

Speed and Efficiency

Automated storage systems are fast and efficient with gaining access to your inventory at minimal effort. Automation ensures that the bulk and the hardest part of storing is automated, giving you more opportunities to commit your resources like time and money elsewhere. Automated systems can help increase efficiencies in organising products that have short shelf lives.

With over 60 years of experience and are installing more than 15,000 pallet racking storage systems Australia wide, at Erect-A-Rack, we understand that every business has different storage system needs and solutions. Therefore, it is important to consider a pallet racking system that is tailor made to your needs. For more information browse our site or call 1300 788 916.

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  1. yes surely, automation system incrase storage and turnover efficiency a lot compare with triditional selective pallet racking, but the problem is the initial investment cost is very high, only big company can afford it.

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