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Storage Solutions for Awkwardly Shaped Stock

If you’ve been working in the materials handling industry, you’d know that some stock is much harder to store than others. Whether they’re awkwardly shaped, incredibly long, or an irregular shape, it’s difficult to find a racking solution that neatly and safely stores these items.

In this blog, Erect-A-Rack discusses what types of awkwardly shaped stock industry professionals have to manage, and the best shelving options for them.

What are some difficult items to store?

There are a multitude of items that can give even the most seasoned materials handlers a headache, including many commonplace ones that would get used every day. These can include materials such as plasterboard, timber, furniture, carpet rolls, timber packs, pipes, and steel bars. It’s important to have a storage solution that can hold such items as they will vary in weight, length, width, and fragility.

What solutions are available?

One of Erect-A-Rack’s go-to solutions for awkwardly shaped stock is the versatile Cantilever Pallet Racking. Perfect for bulky, atypically-shaped loads – be that wide, long, or anywhere in between – that don’t easily fit into standing racking systems. Cantilever Racks have become a widely popular choice for storing awkward items and materials. Coming in two versions, heavy and light, Cantilever Racks are an independent structure. Users have the option to adjust the levels (arms) on one or both sides, so the racks can easily be adjusted according to the items you need to store. This is particularly useful for warehouses that trade in constantly changing stock.

cantilever pallet racking

Erect-A-Rack can help you store your awkward stock

Our mission is to maximise businesses and industries’ storage capacity, so they can serve more customers and ultimately increase their profits. When there is a demand for materials that may be deemed awkwardly shaped, it’s important to have a storage solution in place. At Erect-A-Rack, we test all our products to ensure they are working and are of a high quality. Customer satisfaction and safety is our top priority and having been in the materials handling and warehouse industry for more than 25 years, we’re keen to uphold our reputation for being a leading supplier of cost-effective pallet rack shelving.

We have all the equipment your business needs to thrive in your industry. Contact us on 1300 788 916 to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable racking staff, or make an online enquiry.

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