sets of assembled pallet racks with boxes and disassembled pallet racks

The pallet racking and industrial storage solutions your business utilises is bound to change and adapt as your business does, and sometimes this means you may need to get rid of some or all of your existing pallet racking.

If your pallet racking is structurally sound and in good shape we can offer to buy the racking from you. Offering the best price, our installers will come in to pull down the racking and remove it for you making the whole process simple and easy!

We can also trade-in your old racking for a new pallet racking and storage system. Our expert sales team will quote you on your new racking requirements and deduct from the price the trade-in value of your old racking. So if you need to change your racking system or bring in an entirely new one, Erect-A-Rack can supply and install your new pallet racking system as well as pull down and remove your existing one.

For a free quotation on selling your pallet racking, contact the friendly staff at Erect-A-Rack on (03) 9796 5077 or send us an email with pictures and details of the racking in question to:

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