Are you new to the idea of pallet racking?In our complete guide on the subject, we look closely at everything you’ll need to know before setting racks up for your warehouse. We also touch, briefly, on the benefits of pallet racking systems. But how can these benefits directly translate to your own business?

In this post, we’ll explore five big reasons why you’re going to need these racking systems, and soon.

boxes stacked in a warehouse

1. You’re Running Out of Space

One of the obvious reasons for switching to industrial pallet racks revolves around space. Ultimately, any warehouse is going to get clogged up from time to time. If you have a growing business, you’re going to need as much space as possible for new products and tools.

Otherwise, you’re going to need to think about selling off stock, or moving to bigger premises. Why approach either idea when you can make your stacking more efficient? Pallet racks use vertical space as a priority.Therefore, you’re taking full advantage of the volume you never knew you had.

2. Your Warehouse is Hazardous

All warehouses can be hazardous if they are not properly maintained.However, in some cases, improper shelving and stacking could create some nightmare scenarios.To reduce chances of injury in your workplace, you’re going to need to think smart about how you store your items.

Get everything up and off the floor with pallet racks you can rely on.Keeping everything tightly stacked and out the way reduces the risk of injury and mishap.

3. You Can’t Find Anything

A well-organised warehouse is the backbone of the business that depends on it.Haphazardly storing tools and products isn’t just going to cause potential injury.It’s going to guarantee that your business runs less efficiently.

Why waste time fumbling around for products when you could organise them all in an orderly fashion? pallet racking inspection will enable you to redefine your organisation for the better.

4. Your Costs Are Increasing

In some ways, poor storage can increase business costs.Breakages, for example, as well as unnecessary additional storage, help to drive up your overheads.For those reasons alone, you should be ready to redefine your racking.

Pallet racking is cost-effective from the very start.Why pay out for extra storage or repair and readjustment when you can store and stack everything in a safe, comprehensible manner?

5. You’re Just Starting Out

The best time to install pallet racking systems is, of course, before it’s too late. Therefore, we advise you to start as early as possible. The less reorganisation you have to do, the less time and money you will waste. It makes sense to set up a warehouse with fantastic pallet rack solutions as soon as you can.

If you’re new to pallet racking and would like to know more, take a look at our further guides for more information on what to expect. Alternatively, you can call the Erect-A-Rack team at any time for help and guidance when buying your first racks.