Clearspan Mezzanine Floors

With a big open space, it’s sometimes hard to visualise how it may look once you add heavy-duty equipment, desks and offices for employees and goods and products. Instead of focusing on covering the ground space, think up!

With Mezzanine flooring, you can create a substantial amount of additional space without completing any serious or permanent construction to the building itself, moving to a new property or assembling an additional main floor in order to maximise capacity.

There are many advantages to installing mezzanine flooring to aid in the expansion of your growing business. If we haven’t convinced you yet, check out the top three benefits experienced by business owners who ditch the idea of moving locations and instead install mezzanine flooring to combat a lack of space.

Make use of wasted space and increase productivity

Large warehouses are often rigged with exceptionally high ceilings. While it provides an open, airy feeling in a space that may otherwise be considered stuffy, it often leads to a large amount of wasted space above the ground. One of the easiest ways to fix this frustrating situation is by installing space-efficient mezzanine floors.

With mezzanine flooring, you could double your warehouse or office capacity and save money by avoiding costly moving and relocation fees. Thanks to easy installation and unlimited ways to customise your unit, a mezzanine floor makes a great addition to any space.

Increase your production lines by storing additional equipment or staff on a mezzanine floor above an existing operations floor. This gives you more space without cramping existing work areas and gives employees more flexibility and freedom when it comes to achieving maximum capacity.

Equipped with high loading capacity and durability

As one of the most effective solutions to combat lack of loading capacity, mezzanine floors can carry significantly more weight safely than other options, as the floors are often concrete slabs and the support beams are constructed from industrial-grade steel.

A rack supported mezzanine floor is made from supportive steel to form long span shelving and racks designed to last in long-term and tough areas. The design may feature:

  • Heavy-duty stairs that can extend from 1-3 levels
  • Dispatch shoots for easy transport of goods and products
  • Handrails to reinforce safety
  • Stable timber, concrete or steel finished floors
  • Long-lasting shelving and racking underneath or above ground

Easy to set-up and maintain

Think about the clutter brought about from a relocation or the wreckage and disruptions experienced during construction and rebuilding. By installing mezzanine flooring, you can avoid all the commotion and level-up your office or warehouse in a matter of weeks.

Made from non-porous, sleek materials, cleaning up messes and spills off mezzanine floors is easy. Keeping your items and employees organised is made simple with mezzanine flooring. Customise the shelving and racks as much as you want, giving you full ability to arrange a system that works best for your business. 

Professional mezzanine flooring systems suppliers and installers in Melbourne

Finally utilise that space you’ve been wasting and install brand new mezzanine flooring with Erect-A-Rack. From the beginning, we have helped companies and industries all over Melbourne increase profits by maximising their storage capacity, leading to improved customer service. But don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

We pride ourselves on thorough product testing and knowledge. Our professional team at Erect-A-Rack is trained to ensure that the right mezzanine flooring solution is designed and engineered to fit your space perfectly.

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