Before starting, there are a few questions you have to ask before buying a pallet racking system that may or may not work for you. So here at Erect-A-Rack we have compiled a checklist of questions to ask yourself before engaging in any warehouse pallet racking activity.

How much space do I have?

This consideration mainly involves the size, height and shape of your warehouse. This also includes the positioning of your doors and windows to help determine the best racking system for your business. With this information, we are better able to plan and formulate a functional pallet racking inspection that enhances the flow and efficiency of moving products in and out of the warehouse.

How does my product move?

In warehousing and pallet racking systems, there are two main methods that a product moves: First in, First Out (FIFO) or Last in, First Out (LIFO).

For example, if your business has perishable goods you may want to consider a FIFO racking system. This means that items like frozen foods, beverages, drugs, anything with an expiration date will be put in first and then taken out first to ensure that it stays fresh throughout the whole supply chain.

LIFO racking systems means the last goods to be stacked are taken out first meaning the oldest goods will be stored deeper in the storage system and the last stocked items would be the newest stock. This racking system is more suited for products that are held in storage for long periods of time.

What are the characteristics of my product?

Another consideration for choosing the right racking system is the characteristics of your product. These may include size, weight and product diversity. Knowing these will help plan and organise where products should be stored and how it will be moved in and out.

What is my budget?

In the racking industry, lower prices does not always mean the best value. This is because you might invest in a cheap racking system that may not cater to what your business actually needs to be efficient, save space, time and future costs. As a result, it is always recommended to allow a specialist to see the warehouse, understand your needs and give you the best racking system. If you’d like to save costs for racking, Erect-A-Rack offers second hand pallet racking systems to help lower the costs of purchasing a racking system, however, other than that, it is best not to buy the cheapest racking system for the sake of saving money. It might be more costly in the long run compared to future proofing your systems.

What are some restraints?

Every warehouse is different, and therefore requires a different design. Therefore, it is important to know your warehouse well and know the kind of restraints or challenges it might pose when installing a pallet racking system. Some things to think about might be… does your current warehouse have poor lighting? What is the quality of your floor like? Or does the warehouse door sometimes get stuck or is there a large tripping hazard in some obscure place in the warehouse?

Investing into a pallet racking system might seem intimidating at first, however, good organisation and planning can ensure that we can install a racking system that suits your business needs will immediately bare results.

If you’re serious about organising your warehouse shelves or business, talk to a racking specialist at Erect-a-Rack today on 1300 788 916.