You may already have been interested in purchasing pallet racking systems for your warehouse. But, how do you know which systems will work best for you in practice? It is essential to plan for space and stock levels. However, as our complete pallet rack guide explains, there are more than a few different types of racking system to keep in mind.

Measuring and Preparing: Your Pallet Rack Guide

Our short guide on preparing for pallet racking will help you get set up for an upgrade. However, it is worth repeating that you must measure once, twice, even three times! Plan for floor space and vertical wall space, as well as for future stock, wherever possible. Pallets arrive in various sizes, meaning you are going to need to buy a system that comfortably and practically accommodates your inventory.

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What Type of Pallet Racking System Should You Buy?

There are plenty of great benefits to all pallet racking systems. However, some are better suited to specific warehouses and stockrooms than others. While we’ve already looked at some of the main system types in our complete guide, let’s apply some of the benefits to scenarios you may be facing.

Selective Racking

selective pallet racking system is common, but will it necessarily give you what you need? If you need a bespoke storage solution, these systems are flexible and easy to set up and break down. If freeing up space is more important to you than moving heavy items up and out of the way, this is probably an excellent choice to make. Heavy stock, however, is better suited to more durable racking.

Powered or Motorised Racking

These racking options are very popular with businesses who need maximum floor space. These racks can be moved around and condensed. If you are only going to need access to a few racks at a time, you can use them to move storage not in use to one side and out of the way. If you need constant access to your racks, they may not be the best choice.

Double-Deep and Drive-Through Racking

Heavy-duty storage requires heavy-duty racking. Both of these systems let you store and stack bulky goods further back than you can with more flexible racking. They are also ideally suited to warehouses which use forklift trucks and other powered access. For warehouses and stockrooms struggling to make space for large amounts of bulk, they are time and hassle-savers.

Narrow Racking

Narrow pallet racking systems are a good all-round option for most warehouses. They are designed to take heavy loads and to make use of space which might otherwise be getting wasted. That means that they can be stacked high, more often than wide. If you have low ceilings, however, these options may not be best for you.

Narrowing Down Your Choice

Don’t worry about finding the perfect pallet racking installation in Melbourne. Our friendly team at Erect-A-Rack is always on hand to support you. For more information on any of our products, or to get a personalised quote for your next pallet racking in Melbourne system, contact us today.

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