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Do I Need Powered Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking systems come in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, some of the most useful racking systems are those which you can actively move around. In some warehouses, the need for flexible space is crucial. But do you need mobile or powered pallet racking?

If you feel you might benefit from a powered pallet racking solution, do make sure to read this guide and find out the basics.  

What Can Powered Pallet Racking Do?

We have talked a little bit about powered pallet racks in our complete guide to racking. However, it’s time we expanded on those points a little further.

Powered pallet racks are, essentially, racking systems that can move. They are powered by a motor, which means that they can quickly move around without users having to exert force. That allows users to access racks from all sides, and to create simple aisle spaces between racks.

It also means that mobile racks can be easily stacked to one side, creating an incredible amount of floor space. To be able to access powered racks, all you would need to do is activate them and slide them out. It is a remarkably simple system, which has helped to solve headaches in thousands of warehouses across Australia.

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Why Might Powered Pallet Racking Be Right For Me?

The concept of powered or mobile pallet racking is exciting! However, it may not be so easy to tell whether or not you stand to benefit from them. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios and some benefits along the way.

  • Do you have limited floor space? Powered racks can be slid away and only moved back out when you need them.
  • Do you have a few aisles to work with? Create your own aisles ad hoc for powered access vehicles to traverse when needed.
  • Do you have a low need for specific stock or access to your whole warehouse? Powered pallet racks are perfect for selective storage. That means you can simply power all your racks away, and only choose those you require. There’s no need to keep everything on display.

Why Might They Not Be the Right Choice?

We feel that powered pallet racks offer incredible support and flexibility. However, there are some circumstances where you may be better off installing a standard pallet rack instead.

For example, if you need access to a wide range of stock at all times, moving racks back in and out repeatedly may be a hassle. You may also find that fixed pallet racking offers more height. The definite benefit to powered pallet racking lies in the flexibility and storage density it provides.

Making a Choice That Benefits You

Powered pallet racking can help to revolutionise the way you run your warehouse. Want to know more? Take a look at our guides to racking, or contact the Erect-A-Rack team for support.

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