If you are considering changing your warehouse storage to pallet racking inspection, it is a good idea to look for reputable pallet providers or sources. However, if you haven’t had to look for pallet storage before, how will you know what makes a provider reputable? At Erect-A-Rack we have several years of experience bringing high-quality, durable pallet racking to the Melbourne area. We work directly with our customers to provide solutions that solve their unique needs.

What to Look For in Pallet Providers

In this brief guide, we will help you make the right decision with a flexible checklist. Always be ready to compare and contrast services and prices.

Check Customer Reviews

In this brief guide, we will help you make the right decision with a flexible checklist. Always be ready to compare and contrast services and prices.

Many customers are happy to tell stories about their experiences. Therefore, you may find experiences and scenarios similar to your own. It is always worth taking verified purchases seriously. Do also check how storage providers respond to specific feedback.

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Take a Look at The Available Solutions

The more pallet racking system a company has, the more experienced they are likely to be. Confident and long-running providers will happily build and install a wide variety of solutions for business owners.

A lack of available products may indicate that they are either just getting started in the trade, or that they lack confidence. It is not always a guaranteed tell, but keep in mind that a broader array of choice will generally work in your favour here.

Check Branding

Take a look at the brands that a pallet racking provider works with. Are there any companies or names you recognise? If not, why not do some background research? Look into partner companies and, again, check verified reviews.

The best pallet storage providers will work with the best tools and manufacturers. However, just because you haven’t heard of a brand, doesn’t mean they aren’t reputable.

Are They Transparent?

Don’t be put off by storage firms which don’t list their prices upfront. Many industrial companies now work on a bespoke basis, meaning that they offer fixed rates to customers willing to call for a quote.

This works to your advantage. Check to see if a storage provider is open and receptive to quotations via phone and/or email. It’s likely that they will offer you a price based on your exact needs. That generally ends up less costly for you, as you will only end up paying for what you need.

Are They Knowledgeable?

Finally, always read through a provider’s website and copy. Do they have helpful guides and resources? Are they clear on the stacking services they provide? If all they offer is endless sales jargon and copy, you may not necessarily be leading with the best provider.

Make sure to partner with an experienced authority in pallet racking — one which is knowledgeable and confident enough to share experiences with you.

Trust the Experts in Pallet Racking

For more information on any of our products, or to find out what makes Erect-A-Rack a reputable supplier, contact us today. We’re proud to be delivering warehouse storage solutions in Melbourne to businesses of all sizes.