Pallet racks act as a great option for warehouses and storage facilities all across Melbourne and it’s easy to see why. They are strong, easy to access and provide an exceptional level of safety. However, with any shelving system, it’s important to conduct regular checks to ensure that everything is up to scratch and in tip-top shape. Failing to do so could seriously hurt your business and your back pocket. Read on to learn why pallet racking inspections are important and what checklists to follow.

The importance of pallet racking inspections

Pallet rack inspections are performed to check the structural integrity of parts and to detect problems before they become dangerous. This process allows for maintenance and repair work to be carried out and is one way that warehouse staff maintain safe working environments. Pallet racking inspections safeguard materials and products by ensuring that all storage and industrial storage shelves systems are reliable and strong enough to do the job. Weak beams or barriers can lead to stock falling and getting damaged, which can put a dent in your bottom line. Pallet racking inspections also protect employees who operate the machinery within a warehouse and move stock around on a daily basis. Damaged parts and poorly installed shelving can be extremely dangerous as it can collapse and fall over, harming anyone nearby. Not only does this present moral concerns for the owner, but it can also open the door to lawsuits.

The current standard

In 2012, the Australian Standard for steel storage racking AS4084:2012 was introduced to tighten restrictions and improve safety across the country. It mandates that “inspections be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every twelve months.” This, however, is the minimum benchmark and more frequent testing can be carried out on pallet racking, raised storage areas, storage shelving units and any other systems that your warehouse has in place. It’s also worth noting that qualified personnel are the best people to carry out such inspections.

Pallet racking inspection checklist

Follow this checklist to identify areas of concern and you’ll be well positioned to deal with potential safety hazards. Be sure to schedule repairs or replacement parts immediately, should any issues be detected.


  • Check racks are level
  • Check for corrosion or signs of rust
  • Check for scraped paint


  • Check floor fixings are secure
  • Check column protectors
  • Check for signs of damage


  • Check for general damage
  • Check for deflection
  • Check for overloading


  • Check for missing connections
  • Check for damaged or broken connections

Pallet Racking Inspection Checklist

Pallet racks that won’t budge

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