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Pallet Racking Concerns You Should Be Thinking About

Pallet Racking

When planning to fit out your warehouse or workspace with pallet racking, there’s more to the process than merely purchasing structures in bulk from the nearest vendor. 

You’ll need to do your homework to not only find the best deal on offer but also the best rack to suit your specific needs. You’ll also need to consider issues such as your storage environment, items, as well as the longevity of your investment. With so many issues to consider we’ve broken down some key considerations you’ll want to think about before purchasing your pallet racking to ensure you get a great ROI and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve made the right purchase choice. 

Prepping your location for the right racking

Upon searching for the perfect pallet rack system, be sure to assess the space at your storage location. Not only will you need to know exactly what size racks will fit, but there are other considerations like whether the ground is level or strong enough to support the weight of the racking.

You’ll also need to prepare the manpower, equipment and team to transport and build the racks up. Pair this with the need to manage other logistics that may be occurring alongside the build and you may find it to be more cost effective to hire specialists to build them up for you.

Wear and tear during the life of the rack 

While wear and tear are an obvious result of racks being used in industrial spaces, some racks may experience more damage as a result of being stored in extreme temperatures such as cold spaces or in intense heat. For example, in the case of fridges where products fall into a time-sensitive category. 

Businesses will also aim to reduce the costs of refrigeration and will store racks closer together in denser spaces. These racks will not only be in colder temperatures but also experience more damage as these areas will see more traffic and product shifting. 

Make sure to assess if you’ll need to invest in stronger and sturdier racking if they’ll be stored in colder spaces that will see a few bumps and bangs. 

External factors to be prepared for

One particular thing businesses should prepare for is seismic activity that may compromise their pallet racking. More and more building codes are requiring that businesses prepare for this with their racking meeting ‘seismic standards,’ so it may be in your best interest to invest in the industry standard from the get go. 

With this in mind, it’s important to conduct research on the building codes relevant to your area in order to adhere to them. Not only will your structures be more secure should tremors strike but you’ll also be saving yourself plenty of headaches should you face an inspection that requires you to update your racking to the appropriate codes.

While you may be hesitant to pay more upfront for a pallet racking system, it may be worth the expenditure, getting you a better return on investment as well as helping you avoid repair costs in the future to fix a cheaper – and less superior – system. Get in touch with the team to see how we can design and install a unique system for your storage ambitions. We offer an array of reliable and versatile rack solutions for all warehouse settings and would love to chat with you about making your storage space as functional as possible.

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