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Not All Rules Were Made To Be Broken!

Unfortunately, in the workplace a lot of things have the potential to go wrong. This can lead to anything from a near miss incident to a serious injury, or worse.

This is where safety standards and rules come into play. While we may not always like to follow the rules. These are rules that should never be broken.

If you’re unsure, ask

Never just assume that you can figure it out. It’s ok not knowing how to do everything, as long as you seek help and learn the correct procedures to follow. It’s always better to ask for help and realise you didn’t need it, than not ask for help and realise too late that you did.

The bystander effect

You might have a million things that you need to get done today, so when you notice a near miss or an accident and see there are other people on the scene its ok to move on with your hectic day, right? Wrong! You may have seen something that other witness’ had missed. Never walk away from a near miss or accident. You could be the only one to have seen what caused, or needs to be changed to prevent another near miss or accident from occurring.

woman wearing a hard hat

Wrong tools won’t make it right

There are specific tools for specific tasks and jobs for good reason. The tools, equipment and appliances in the workplace are all there to assist and complete specific tasks or jobs just like the the tools and appliances you have at home are used to complete specific tasks or jobs. You wouldn’t wash your clothes in a dishwasher, so why would you use the wrong tools and equipment in the workplace? Using the wrong tools and equipment can result in damage to the plant and equipment, as well as causing serious injury and even fatalities. So the next time you find yourself considering to use the wrong tool for the job, take a second to reflect, is it really worth the risk of potentially harming yourself and others?

Find the right pace

Many of us have most likely, at one point or another, rushed on the job. Maybe so you could finish on time, or even a little bit early? Regardless of the reason, it’s almost never a good idea to rush on the job. A better idea is to find the right pace that allows you to get the job done right without increasing your chances of causing an accident in the workplace. It’s easy to say ‘it’ll be fine. I can rush through this, its no big deal. What could go wrong?”

Take the ‘extra’ time and complete the tasks at hand correctly and safely. That ‘extra’ time taken could be the difference between going home healthy and safe, or maybe not at all.

Keep a clear head

Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is is not only dangerous, but illegal. And if its dangerous to be driving under these influences, there’s a good chance its also dangerous to be working under those same influences. Your reaction times and ability to think clearly are greatly impaired under the influence of alcohol and drugs, so its definitely not a good idea to be working in that compromised state of mind. Not only do you pose a danger to yourself, but everyone around you. Keep a clear head at work and avoid unnecessary risks and accidents.

Never be afraid to speak up

There’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to safety, except the one not asked. If you’re ever unsure of the correct procedures, don’t know how to use the equipment or maybe are having a problem with the tools and equipment, always ask the question! If you don’t know how to safely complete the job or task at hand always seek help. It’s better to seek assistance and not need it, then to try and figure it out with the end result being a near miss, accident or fatality. If you don’t know, ask. Speak up if you you’re unsure, or if you feel like there are areas that could do with improvement to increase and maintain a safe work environment.

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