Mesh decks are a great alternative to particle board shelving for your pallet racking and storage solutions; as they are versatile, strong, durable, clean and safe. They are quick and easy to install offering many benefits, saving time and increasing productivity by improving stock handling, storage and identification.

Mesh decks are the perfect storage solution for any application, especially in cool rooms and freezers.

MentaMesh Wire Decking Solutions

Some of the many benefits of installing Mesh Decks in your pallet racking and storage solution include; but are not limited to:

Greater Visibility

Mesh decks are designed to have a lattice (criss crossed) pattern. This allows for greater light penetration within your factory or warehouse. Mesh decks allow light to filter through your racking. The additional light means that forklift operators have better visibility of what is going on up high in the racking system as opposed to the visibility available if the shelving were solid i.e. steel sheet or board.

Fire Safety

The openness of wire mesh decks means that if a fire were to occur in the building, unlike an opaque shelving option, water from your sprinkler system can reach all of the levels much quicker. With the more efficient rate of water filtering down the racking system it can reduce the risk of falling goods and pallets catching fire. Because of this, wire mesh decks are the preferred option if the unfortunate event of a fire occurs. Also, wire mesh decks may assist in meeting your warehouse or factory insurance requirements; with galvanised mesh decks being more fire resistant than chipboard shelving.


Mesh decks are a very versatile shelving option for your pallet racking installation in Melbourne and storage solutions in Australia, ideal for most storage requirements. Unlike board, mesh decks are perfect for use in racking systems in coolrooms and freezers. Due to the nature of coolrooms and freezers, it restricts the materials that can be used for the racking system. There is simply too much moisture in the air for board to be utlised.

Particle board, chipboard and MDF are all known to absorb moisture. The problem with this is that the board swells and expands upon the absorption of moisture. This often results in the dimensions of the board altering. As a direct result from these changes, the board can become unsuitable for the racking system.

Easy Maintenance

Wire mesh decks require almost no maintenance. Due to the lattice design of the mesh decks, dirt and dust cannot build up on the surface; allowing the dust to fall through to the floor and be cleaned up as part of your daily warehouse sweep.


Mesh decks offers superior structural performance. Wire mesh decking is highly durable, it does not warp, twist, sag or absorb liquids and humidity from the air. Having galvanised mesh decks can help to ensure years of rust protection making galvanised mesh decks a great investment. The additional benefit of galvanising mesh decks means you won’t need to replace them as often. Wire mesh decks come in light, medium and heavy duty.

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