Clearspan Mezzanine Floor

Is your company expanding and outgrowing your current office? Are you looking to utilise wasted space and triple the capacity of your warehouse? You may feel like moving is your only option, but what if there was a way you could save money on relocation costs when expanding and instead utilise the current space you are already paying for.

What is a mezzanine floor?

Mezzanine floors make use of unoccupied space in warehouses and storage facilities with high ceilings by installing units that sit overhead and provide ample space to store goods and materials. Developed from sturdy steel racks and shelving, these crafty space-savers can be single or multi-levelled. The design may vary depending on the custom specifications, but the following features can typically be included during construction:

  • Stairs that extend across multiple floors (typically maxing out at about 3 or 4 levels)
  • Dispatch shoots to send goods down from upper levels
  • Under and above ground shelving and cantilever racking system
  • Flat, sturdy space for desks and offices

Comparing mezzanine floor options

A mezzanine floor could be the perfect solution to expanding your business, but picking one that works well with the current layout of your space is important. Whether you are after an additional storage place for parts and products or are looking to grow your business by increasing capacity for your office overhead, a mezzanine floor is the best option.

Raised storage areas are built vertically over an existing workspace and are a great semi-permanent option for warehouses experiencing a current shortage of space. Rack supported mezzanine floors are typically erected to use when archiving old products or additional product storage is required. Clearspan mezzanine floors free up ground space by creating an additional level which can be used for surplus employee office space or storage of goods and products.      

Easily installed, cost-effective and extremely versatile

Increasing space in your business doesn’t have to break the bank. Immediately extend storage, racking and shelving space by installing Mezzanine floors. Use the ground floor of your building for production and storage of heavy machinery, and utilise the elevated space to store products and materials or desks and offices. As a cost effective option, installing mezzanine floors is the perfect solution for any business experiencing a shortage of space.

Trust Melbourne’s racking specialists

With 75 years of experience serving businesses in all industries when it comes to customer service Erect-A-Rack is unmatched. We provide quick and effective solutions by working with you to develop and build office and warehouse layout solutions that work for your space and your needs.

We put safety first when it comes to designing and installing mezzanine flooring. Our teams are fully equipped with the latest tools and safety equipment and all racking installations are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS4084-2012 and the health and safety regulations in every workplace.

Contact our support team today for more information on Erect-A-Rack regarding our installation and repair services for mezzanine flooring. Call our office at 1300 788 916 and speak to one of our Melbourne-based professionals who can help guide you towards selecting the best warehouse storage solutions in Melbourne for your business.